lonesomefornow2 66F
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7/9/2006 4:30 am

being that i am by nature a very self contained individual and rarely find sharing personal or private details about self a need to fulfill for others..or for some ego gratification ,,people are not my focus but service....IS,,IT IS A GIFT IN ME,,NOT OF MY CHOOSING,,I WAS CREATED TO BE A GIFT reflection of my purpose.. i know why i am here and how i am..with every flaw in plain site and i am okay with what i see,,but not content because it is a every growing gift...i do not believe that i can only love one person at a time or only in some ways is love acceptable...i do not choose who i will love,,the heart only needs available ground to grow in,,and it must be nutured,,now for some,,, love is a trap and must be avoided because of what cannot be released and learned....but to me ,,love has no price tag,,,the moment it becomes a trade off for such and so ,,it is not love anymore,,but something is truely free and freely given,,,blind if you will,,with the ability of acceptance and total trust,,clean slate,,no commitments only honesty as foundation,,the truth sets me free,,but it is the truth about me that is my freedom,,not the truth about you or anyone else's truth for themselves...i can not crawl inside anyone else or think like anyone else,,tried ,didn't conform to traditions of men...won't conform to any submission unless agreed to..COVENANT..without contract,,i am free agent,,baby and so are you...

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