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7/13/2006 1:44 pm

in case you haven't been around too many artistic types or those of us that are considered ecentric and /or arrogant,know-it -alls,,for that is how we appear to most..( for myself can only claim, good memory and reading skills,,tidbits of trivia,,library of what i retain,nothing more..)being a perfectionist of my own sense of rightness or completion of task at hand...i am not satisfied with a "LOOK " until it says to me,," i am ready, complete and whole,,lacking nothing,,send me"..can not explain it in any other way,,than this... i was not whole in image of what i set out to design,,no headdress for instance, or dagger to wear on side of loincloth,,,,,,see , i have boxes of trims and braids and fringe and turtle shell purses,,to play,,beads and bone pipes...stuff to add to the look... i don't re-create someone else's images,, the work speaks to me,,when it is done...so,,the delay in pictures ,,is because of my own desire to finish the look,,so i am not rushing to please any of you jerk offs,,okay??? i mean that in humor, of course,,if i minded being looked at,,why be on here ,,right ,,yeah , i got ya ...i confess to amazement in what is produced so far, and the look will be worth the wait,,,semi-porn with class,,well,i am working on it in my head anyway...mild for you,,wild for me,,,,LOLOLOL,,mrs. sheltered,,remember,,no lie..

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