lonelypussybbw 44F
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7/26/2005 7:59 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


At times my weight makes me shy or cautious.

Once I dropped a lot of pounds when I was single and it just made me downright slutty. It wasn't so much the weight but the feeling of being desired, being wanted. I love that feeling.

I met one guy Chris who became my fuck buddy. We'd pretend to go on a date - dinner or a movie. But we always ended up making out in a car in front of my house and going inside when things got too hot in the car.

He was always in control of me but didn't expect anything to be given easily. He worked for it even if he was in control.

He loved to fuck me doggy style and he was the best I've ever had. Long hard strokes, his hands on my hips, pumping into me. He could cum about three times each night and he used me to fulfill his desires. I loved that, it made me wild. I loved him wanting me for his needs.

My husband is a great guy but sex ranks low on his list. I thought it was me and I've internalized a lot of that. Even big there have been times with other men who enjoyed my size that I could be the wanton slut that lives inside of me.

I want that slut back.

ih8usrnames 41M

7/27/2005 1:43 am

I find it interesting that you've entitled this post freedom. The feeling slutty and waton desire is quite common amoung women. Perhaps a kind of rebellion against the social stigma directed towards FREE female sexuality (or otherwise called sluttiness). Would you tell your husband what youv'e written here?

lonelypussybbw 44F
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7/29/2005 8:52 am

oh definitely not. I would never tell him. He would not understand at all.

broadluvs77 53F

8/2/2005 6:47 pm

Girl, I know the feeling about the weight thing. I was skinny once for a few years, and you know I really didn't like the person I was back then. She was a bitch! Once I learned to be the really great person that was living inside the bitchy shell, it no longer mattered to me if I was skinny or not. I've found that it doesn't matter what size you are, you can be a sexy, wanton woman and find plenty of cock to satisfy you. You just have to allow yourself to be sexy.

dunno1014 52M
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8/8/2005 4:38 pm

Do you think your husbands lack of sex drive is related to your weight? Maybe the fact that you don't have that inner confidence of feeling desired due to your weight shows through. The is a great sexiness about a woman who acts like sex is hot and sexy. Wear sexy lingerie for no reason, tell you husband you want to swallow his cock. That is sexy no matter if you are skinny or not.

DrabJuggler 55M

8/8/2005 6:04 pm


Fat's not bad, in fact 4 me fat can b fun (see The fat Princess is horny parts 1 & from today part 2 u may appreciate it/ maybe not?)
Re masturbation, luv 2 hear u get wet and do it but is it really better than being fucked? The latter's rewards r often not as satisfactory as Woody Allen once clearly described (the making love 2 yourself quip). Oh yes it's nice to have a man thrusting inside u (hopefully a "BIG" black cock perhaps?) but what about the man? Since most men r crap, dirty, smelly, don't take any notice of you once they have got it! Get themselves off so quick that u don't even have time 2 draw breath, let alone develop an erect clit. So what is it in men, why not indulge in fantasy ... the ideal man .. he looks, he feels, he behaves (as u want him to) ... he thrusts 4 as long as u want him 2 ... he caresses u for ages beforehand until u must be gnashing your teeth in despair that he will ever penetrate u. And the sex, well that's idyllic, long, slow, rhythmic, the blush of warm lubricating fluids a melange of turgid organs applying friction every which way to arouse and pleasure in all those familiar places. And the mind, at peace, aflamed, sensational, exhilarated, waiting for the inevitable moment that surges and ebbs like a frothy sea in advance up a sandy beach (more black cocks here perhaps?). The tide rising inexorably, covering your feet, cooling the toes and ankles, stressing the lower regions to a point of intolerence. The loins joining in the song and taking their turn as the messages pass and re-pass between vibrating bodies alone and on the beach of time. And the power of those feelings when they come, the constantly irritating friction that simply builds and builds. A burning sensation that u know only leads on to one pleasurable place. And then transition, forcefull and sudden, the burning sore skin suddenly in motion, unwittingly that internal maze of movement that cannot now be turned away. The insatiable notion that it must last forever, but, alas it saps u, peaking quickly and escaping into the void. Forgotten pulses sneaking off while your attention is so strongly elsewhere. The lamentable aftermath, no match for it's strenuous buildup and that feeling that if he would only stop now, let u breath awhile u might go on to a higher level. But on your own with capable well informed fingers who knows just what might be possible. One more, perhaps two or might it be a continueum (or is that continuecum?) well only u can tell. Write me if u will ... DrabJuggler

rich33_lonely 45F

8/8/2005 9:37 pm

I understand this whole weight issue because I am having the same problem with my mate right now, sex is also very low on his list as well wish you luck!

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