Thinking of You  

lonelyinny5 44M/42F
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4/19/2006 6:07 pm
Thinking of You

I sit here at my desk thinking of you feeling so horny and wanting to fuck me the way you have so often said....maybe you are sitting in a chair in front of your computer screen somewhere reading my stories and emails....anxious to be with me and make our fantasies into realities....feeling the waves of lust starting to spread across your body, thinking off the ways you are gonna take my body into mutually orgasmic bliss: the way I taste as your tongue parades across and in between the lips of my excited pussy; how it feels to have the folds of my pussy caressing your cock as you pound into it, slapping my ass and kissing my body....

Thinking about the way you look when you You can't help but become increasingly aware of the ache growing bigger and more painful below your clothes, trying to ignore it but not being able to as the constriction of your suit is is actually now starting to hurt....The delicious image of you trying so hard to keep it together but realising it's futile as thoughts of me have won you first trying to ease the pain by rubbing your excitement away from on top of your suit pants but soon realising this ache is too painful to be eased with such a simple gesture....scrolling thru stories you know I have written with you in mind, too excited to make this desire you feel just "go away"; finding your hand helplessly unbuckling your pants, unzipping your fly, and pushing aside your underwear....your hand grasping the thick smooth shaft already engorged with excitement and gives it a single firm stroke....already, precum has formed at the head and as your hands returns to the base of your tingling cock it glides smoothly reminding you of the way it feels to be buried inside a woman's warm pussy, mine perhaps....glorious sensations of tittilation and electricity spreading like wild fire and what was supposed to be a temporary relief to a growing problem is now worsening your desire for sex with me....imagining my sweet, creamy pussy coating your cock; my mouth licking your hard shaft; the feel of our flesh beating into each other causing your hand to speed in it's now the precum is steadily flowing and your nipples are completely erect, your mouth is dry and you find yourself fighting the need to cry out, beads of sweat forming at your brow and nothing in the whole world seems to matter more than relieving this desire, this physical need to release this tension that has grown like a furious beast...

Sitting in your chair, your hand stroking faster and faster stopping only to rub your balls....Realising how you need to feel the tender touch of a soft and sexy woman....little grunts escaping your mouth as your hand continues rubbing your smooth flesh trying to reduce a scintilla of the ache I have caused you....trying desperately to concentrate on what it will be like to fuck me and have me any way you want...looking down at your cock red and so stiff and being even more turned on at the way this looks and feels, primal and wicked and absolutely delicious....rubbing and stroking your flesh coated with drops of precum and sweat until you can't hold back the eruption of cum which until now had been tighly straining against the insides of your swollen balls just waiting to be released....being able to hold back no further allowing the white spunk to explode from the tip of your cock making you quiver and twitch with excitment....looking down at the mess now all over your pants and hand, an image of me seductively lapping up and completely enjoying the taste of your warm seed flashes in your mind causing the single last eruption of cum from your cock and allowing a moan to escape from your very dry mouth....

Just as you get up to clean up the mess a single knock taps at the door; desperatley trying not to act as though you have something to hide your voice cracks as you respond, "one second!".....

I think to myself, mmmmmm, how much fun it will be to pleasure you in person....we'll see

Searching for my fairytale: Passion & intimacy tied together in a warm, wonderful friendship

crazysingle924 56M

4/20/2006 8:00 am

I have read many a story and description but but you nailed it and me to the tee.
I'm stilltrying to hold off and type at the same time but you brought me to the point where the dam has opened and theres no stopping it now so have to take a second or two and burst my hot come all over my stomach as I lay in bed and think it is you like you said.
ohshit im jerking andtrying to type left haded cat the sqame time i oh god can'twaitanytmoreahhhereitcomes

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