The Doctor  

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1/17/2006 3:53 pm
The Doctor

We met one afternoon just as office hours were ending but the staff still filled the halls of his office. I entered his office dressed very conservatively in an outfit that accentuated my curvy figure. Intrigued and very attracted to him already I was very excited at the prospect of being alone with him. When I realised the door was open I asked him if he would mind if we spoke in private, after all we were supposed to be discussing personal matters. “Not at all”, he said and quickly I rose and closed the door to his office. I sat across from him ready to discuss business when I noticed that he was giving me that “come hither” stare. I could feel
the warmth spreading across my body, down my thighs and between my legs. Sensing that the feelings of attraction and passion were mutual, he took a chance and commented on how sexy I looked. I could no longer resist him. He was
so incredibly sexy in his olive suit and long lab coat and he looked so smart, and he was just that. I desperately had to have him so, I mosied on behind his desk. The moment I arrived he greeted me with a big warm welcoming smile that told me he wanted me as I wanted him. His hands
quickly found my waist, caressing and massaging, moving slowly until he was feeling my breasts, so supple and full in his hands. It felt so amazing that it sent ripples of electricity throughout my body which caused me to let out a small moan of pleasure. He couldn't have me making too much noise so instantly he was kissing me passionately and furiously. Our tongues moving back and forthe, eagerly exploring, and tasting. The flames of passion and heat were instantly ignited in our kiss. He had me pinned up against his desk as he continue to massage and kiss me and it was as natural as if we had been lovers for years. There was an added excitement in that there were still nurses and office staff lingering about outside his closed office doors. But they were oblivious to it all. We were the only two people in the entire world at that moment experiencing the greatest passion we had ever known. My hands gravitated towards the bulge below his soft suit pants driving him even wilder than he though possible. We were on the verge of the greatest release when all the sudden, “knock, knock” and then the door knob was turning. It was his nurse and she was about to discover what was really going on in the doctor’s office. He pushed me back onto his chair and I tried to make it seem as if I were busy on his computer whilst he quickly straightened himself out and tried to
regain composure.

Later that same evening, as we left the office together he invited me to join him in the stairwell. Really having no idea what he had no idea what he had in mind, I joined him.
The moment the door slammed shut he dropped his attaché case and pushed me to the wall. His leg wrapped around my thighs and he started to rub my breasts again as he kissed me with the same passion and fury as he had done in his office.
His kisses made me almost breathless with desire and excitement. My heart was pounding, beads of sweat were forming on my forehead. I couldn't stifle my moans any longer, it was all too good. We moved towards the stairs and he eased me down. I rushed to unzip his pants and to taste him. As I licked him and took him faster and deeper into my mouth he cried out with pleasure. As my sucking came to an end he got to his knees and reached for my panties now soaked with
excitement. He lifted my skirt and gave my thigh a brief kiss. At once he we pushing himself furiously inside me. Short hard thrusting turned into long smoothe movements allowing us to savour each second of contact. He leaned down to give me one last kiss and then was pumping hard and deep and fast. Seconds later as it became a little more frenzied sending waves of intense pleasure which overcame us both. As I tightened
around him he was spilling all of his built up desire for me deep inside me. As we parted he gently kissed my lips. With the realisation of where we were hitting us in that instant, we quickly straightend out our clothes and collected out things and each of us went our separate way knowing we had just attended the most productive meeting we had ever attended.

Searching for my fairytale: Passion & intimacy tied together in a warm, wonderful friendship

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