lonelyinny5 44M/42F
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1/17/2006 4:05 pm

Mmmmm....Me, a young innocent girl, approaches her professor in desperate need of help to improve my grade. I approach my professor after class and he tells me to meet him in his office at noon and quickly leaves the lecture hall...Later, I find myself so nervous I can barely breathe as I know I am to meet this unbelievably intelligent and sexy professor alone in his office and it's to discuss my mediocre grade in his class. Being turned on at the thought that it is remotely possibly to seduce this man into "upping" my grade, I put on a short skirt and low cut blouse and head out for his office.

I knock on his door and he barks out for me to enter but then smiles devilishly when he sees it is me that is disturbing his latest intellectual pursuit. I sit close to him hoping he is able to smell my perfume and see the cleavage staring from underneath my low-cut blouse. I, quite nervously, begin to explain my situation as he stands and walks around behind me....I wonder if he is even paying me any attention when I hear the door slam shut. I turn to look at him and he
is staring right down at me...he orders me up and when I try to speak he shushes me...all at once his mouth is kissing my neck and his hands are eagerly caressing my breasts, I moan out from the pleasure--my hands move lower trying very hard to release his cock, as I have fantasized about
doing a million times before in the middle of his lectures.

Then, at once I am on my knees, licking him and sucking on his cock which tastes so good....his hands have no problems leading me in the rhythm he finds oh so pleasurable....and then he pulls me up and whirls me around, lifts my skirt and pushes me over his desk...he rips my panties off and all at once is deep inside me thrusting and pumping with brute force...I want to moan and cry out so bad but I can't because we'll be caught nd so I bite on my lip trying to hold back my screams of pleasure....his cock is so hard and my pussy is so wet, the pleasure is extreme and the heat is unreal....with my other hand I reach down
wanting to caress his full balls with each thrust...I turn slightly around to catch his face and I whisper ever so softly for him to fuck me harder...and that is enough to send us both into an orgasmic frenzy…..all at once I feel him coming inside me, filling me with all of his pleasure...as we part, a little drop of his cum drips down my thigh...I turn to him and with my finger scoop the sweet drop of his cum and savour it in my mouth...he winks at me and says, well done, A+.

Searching for my fairytale: Passion & intimacy tied together in a warm, wonderful friendship

ErosHunger 48M

1/24/2006 7:56 pm

I was deeply in love with my college writing instructor. I always fantasized about her, and often still do...even dreaming about her some nights. I even went so far as to try and date her. We were good friends, but I drove her away...as I was very needy in those days. *sigh* Being in love with the teacher always seems to end with heartache rather than good erotic writing, except in purest fantasy.

lonelyinny5 44M/42F
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1/25/2006 12:14 pm

'tis why it ended so badly...

You can't be in LOVE with the teacher otherwise all bets are off as to the ending...as such a prolific writer as youself should know...anything to do with love ends in one of two ways (1)They get each other, the passion wanes and they either divorce OR one has an affair which may or may not result in divorce OR (2) They don't get each other & either one or both of them wind up in the depths of despair anyway until they either recover or self destruct, lol....sounds a bit harsh but that's the way life is.

This story is about pure unadulterated hunger and lust...and even when that ends, at least you have the unbelievable memory of how hot it was

Keep being an awesome writer....I love your detail.
Smile, Lonely

Searching for my fairytale: Passion & intimacy tied together in a warm, wonderful friendship

ErosHunger 48M

1/25/2006 5:10 pm

Yes, it WAS hot.

My current perspective on romantic love with anyone is that it's merely an aspect of pure unconditional love, but one that doesn't usually last, or at least isn't meant to. I no longer believe in permenant monogamy as a sane, natural, or realistic course for human relationships. Romantic love is to be shared,enjoyed, experienced for it's uniqueness with each individual partner, then allowed to become unconditional love when the romance dies. Relatioinships can continue into lasting lifelong friendships or fade away when they become unhealthy. Commitment to a lifelong experience usually results in one partner or both feeling trapped. It's sad that humans inflict unhealthy attacthments to each other.


Having said that, it's something like over ten years since I've seen the teacher of my desire, and I still feel the sweet pangs in my heart when I think of her. She has become something of a female archetype for me, a near mythical woman...I wanted to be everything good she was.

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