Parking Lot Adventures  

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3/30/2006 9:46 pm
Parking Lot Adventures

As I walk through the lot to my car late one night, you pop out from behind one of the grab me and pull me behind the car....twirl me around......your mouth on my neck.....hands on my thighs rolling up my labcoat and little whimpers of ecstasty escape you cover my mouth....quickly I draw in a finger and suck ever so seductively on it....loving the way your cock feels bulging into my ass from behind....I hear you unzip and whisper in my ear how good it is going to feel when you give it to me take down my panties and begin to lick my pussy from behind....slowly you rise behind me, bend me forward and thrust yourself deep inside me....In a desperate attempt to get your cock deep, deep inside me, I hoist my foot onto a door handle......pumping and thrusting yourself deep into me in a frenzied's fast and furious as if the sole purpose of our interlude is to satisfy our lusty urges and go about our finger rubs my ass and then enters it filling me with unbelievable heat......the cold night air brushes against our naked flesh and gives a renewed vigor to our pull my hair gently back and bite on my neck gently....busily you continue pumping your stiff cock into my dripping, warm pussy....the desperatley sinful and torrid act along with the understanding that we are using each other to satisfy our most wicked urges causes me to tighten around I come, my pussy gets wetter and wetter making it more and more enjoyable to slip in and out of, although completely lost in passion and desire, stop fucking me when you realise I have come hard all over your cock.....quickly you slip out from in between my slippery folds and turn me fast and bring me to my knees.....your hands still in complete control force my mouth to take your cock all the way in sucking you clean of all my you are almost about to explode you pull me away and order me to open my glide of your hand down your excited cock causes ripples of electricity to pass throughout your body and across your balls like tidal waves.....a strong white jetstream of your warm spunk shoots into my mouth coating my tongue and lips.....slowly I lick you from my lips and enjoy every last sweet drop....I rise to meet your mouth in a heated and sexy kiss gnite.....a few moments later, after we have gotten ourselves together, you wish me a sweet gnite and open the door to your car and drive away....with a great big smile I head towards my car only to leave with great memories of amasing sex and the residual taste of you, lingering, in my mouth....

Searching for my fairytale: Passion & intimacy tied together in a warm, wonderful friendship

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