lonelyinny5 44M/42F
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2/3/2006 5:10 pm

Pardon me, I do believe,
That you have just looked my way.
And if I'm not mistaken,
I can see what your eyes have to say.
They brighten up whenever I am near,
As I quake with this thrilling fear.
I was wondering could it possibly be,
That you are thinking something wicked about me?
Though I'm quite unsure
Where this could ever lead,
One thing is very true,
You've already planted the seed.
Your eyes, they seem to me,
So wanting yet so meek.
What is it exactly
From me that you seek?
Say the words and I shall reply.
Courage, young man, Give me a try!
For I can not as I am
More timid than I might seem,
What my eyes beg sexy,
Please, o please, do deem.

Searching for my fairytale: Passion & intimacy tied together in a warm, wonderful friendship

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