A Farewell Surprise  

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5/31/2006 7:03 pm
A Farewell Surprise

They were lovers. He was successful and charming outwardly but truly devious to his very core. He was a real lady's man and had tasted the pleasures of many sexy woman in the past. Meeting her however was proving to be quite an exciting adventure. She had a very wicked and evil personality and was proving to be his equal in more ways than one. She was sexy, vivacious, curvy and extremely provacative. They were scheduled to meet after not having had the opportunity to enjoy the mutual physical and hedonistic pleasures they had come to look forward to after what seemed like way too long due to their very busy "other" lives. Both had other lives and obligations but when time allowed they spent time together enjoying countless unadulterated physical pleasures, in private.

He called her to tell her that although they were supposed to meet he would have to cancel due to an unexpected business obligation. She was very dissappointed especially because she knew he was scheduled to leave on a trip for another week, without her. She was overcome with an enormous desire to have him and the waves of incomprehensible impatience overtook her. She knew she had to have him, to pleasure him and to have him pleasure her before he left. Going without the feel of his mouth on her body and his cock thrusting into her mercilessly was almost too much to bear.

She began to scheme and decided that she was going to give him a very special but private farewell surprise. One which they would both enjoy. She awoke early the next morning, the day before her lover was supposed to leave town, got dressed in her usual conservative but flirtatious style and left the house ready for a truly wicked adventure. Taking the subway, she arrived at his office only a few hours before he was supposed to attend an important afternoon meeting. When she was in the lobby to his office she called him. "I have a very big going away present for you baby" she said coyly over her cell phone. "Oh yeah, what is it" he answered in his usually playful tone. "Well, I came to your office to give it to you in person" she announced. He was shocked, excited and scared all at the same time. He knew he had a huge meeting soon and the office was buzzing with his colleagues. Still the idea was so utterly wicked that he couldn't resist.

Walking her into his office, he closed the door behind her in haste. He covered her lips with his as his hands began to squeese and grab at her exquisite breasts. She was so deliciously bad and such a temptress that she was just so unbelievably hot to him. In between their lustful and passionate kisses they whispered words of passion and desire to one another. His hands all over her body and moving steadily up her short skirt and her hands on his pants suit eagerly unbuttoning them. Quickly and before he could protest her lips left his mouth as she got to her knees to taste him already completely erect and spuing with excitement. She engulfed his cock entirely with her mouth enjoying every delicious inch of him. She fucked him with her mouth voraciously as she massaged and caressed his aching balls. Although he was enjoying the sight and sensation of her mouth in him he needed to be inside her. "I need to fuck your pussy baby" he whispered as he led her up and over to his desk. Pushing her forward he pulled down her panties and entered her with one fluid movement.

The heat in his small office along with their fucking caused beads of sweat to drip from them both. He grabbed onto her breasts hard and continued to pound into her from behind. She gripped the edge of his desk to steady herself as he continued to fuck her vigorously. She needed this so bad and so did he. After only a few moments they both could no longer hold out. Her pussy clentched tightly around his cock milking the cum violently from his cock which had been building all this time. He threw his head back and bit his lip as the orgasm overtook his entire body in sensational bliss. A few more thrusts and he withdrew from her still drenched from her juices. Smiling from the pleasure, she turned to face him. As their eyes met they engaged in a deep and hot kiss. Their tongues danced heatedly as she continued to massage his balls. Then slowly she pushed him back onto his chair, kneeling before him once more only to lick all her cum off his cock. Gently yet firmly she sucked and licked his balls and cock still tingling with the pleasure of their love-making. She realised that he would soon have to leave and so she rose and quickly got herself together. They dressed as their mouths kissed passionately and when they again had regained some semblance of propriety they left his office. By the elevators they smiled deviously at one another and parted ways. As the elevator doors closed he heard her sweet voice one last time, "Have a safe trip baby. See you when you return."

As she walked toward the subway she could still feel her pussy dripping with excitement and smiled inwardly thinking about her farewell surprise.

Kisses to you Jay, You are so unbelievably hot and sinfully delicious. I had a truly wicked morn with you and I can' wait to try many other sinfully delicious encounters with you. Lonely

Searching for my fairytale: Passion & intimacy tied together in a warm, wonderful friendship

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