Falling standards  

lonelyforsaken 36M
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5/11/2006 4:24 pm

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9/10/2006 5:51 pm

Falling standards

Man, I hate it when they don't even try anymore.

I haven't really started my crusade in earnest; I need to come up with some standardized e-mail to poke the trap with. Admittedly, their bots will probably respond to anything I send, but statistically, sooner or later I'm actually going to find a real female on one of these profiles, so I need something that, at first blush, looks like normal traffic.

(Oh, that would suck. My anti-spam crusade coming to a crashing halt when my account is frozen for sending nonsensical e-mails. If I ever try for a self-destruct on my account, that will probably be it.)

But, in the meantime, I can play with accounts that are just so blatant, I don't even need to try covering myself. Like the one that showed up today in my Cupid Report. No pic, so you actually have to read it. It's got all the earmarks: athletic description, easygoing demeanor, willingness to jump straight into bed, although that's not her preference. The last line is the clincher, though: an insinuation that she's a virgin.

Yeah, right. A 24-year-old female, supposedly attractive, who has never gotten any. Please, this is America. Girls lose it before they even have their first period, for crying out loud! For a healthy female to still be in that state, there is either a), a large amount of horseshit being peddled, or b), a good reason.

(You'll notice, it's only female declarations of this state that I choose to disbelieve. Male declarations, I know all too well that it's possible, and in some areas likely. Please don't ask me how I know this, although I know damn well everyone's sniggering as they figure it out.)

So, I've got the stick out, and already started poking. No names, though, until proven guilty: having a post withheld until after an edit made me see the wisdom of that policy.

(And one final aside: I will give AdultFriendFinder credit. They do have at least one person paying attention to profiles; the one bit of e-mail waiting for me here was deleted even before I knew it was there. Well done, guys.)

lonelyforsaken 36M

5/11/2006 8:05 pm

Well, either I grew to fit the handle, or my handle grew to fit me. I'm still not entirely sure, it's kind of a Zen thing. But, yeah, the name does define the thing in this case.

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