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11/9/2005 3:10 pm

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Man, I hate biology.

I am alone. I have always been alone, and will very likely always be alone. This is a good thing. I can barely figure out what I'm thinking sometimes, much less predict the thought patterns of someone else. I don't have to worry about someone else's schedule, fight for the remote, and I always know exactly who used the last of the bread.

So why is it that late at night, I feel this lingering sense of disappointment that there's no one curled up next to me for me to drape an arm over? Why this sense of loss when I realize that the blanket is the only source of warmth I will ever get?

Just my bad luck at being a descendant of a so-called "social" creature, I guess. Frankly, things are optimized for my survival, but because of some deep-bred need for companionship, I can't fully apply myself to that goal.

Why the hell did we drop out of the trees in the first place?

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