Another damnfool crusade...  

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4/24/2006 6:06 pm

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Another damnfool crusade...

Man, I hate always needing to do something.

Several weeks later, even more e-mail later, and right now, I have one message in my inbox here that might be legit, and even that's doubtful now. More on that in a bit.

Frankly, the way the numbers are looking, if I get a reply, then it must be a scam. So, to that end, I'm half considering a crusade. Find them, report them, and hope they get tossed.

I'd have better luck emptying the Pacifc with an eyedropper.

That's something I don't get. A visible majority of these fake profiles are blatantly obvious, so why doesn't AdultFriendFinder's review panel just toss them from the get-go? Is it possible that no one actually looks at these? Maybe they're not native English-speakers, and miss the deception? Or is AdultFriendFinder just holding out for the kickbacks?

(And with that line, I've probably doomed ths post from appearing,just like my last one, pre-addendum. Websites, like magicians, don't like people giving away the secret.)

On the upshot, I will give AdultFriendFinder this: when I reported the trap last time, they had it pulled quickly. They even tossed one of the profiles that was waiting in my inbox, pending filing. So, we know that if it's brought to their attention, they will act.

So, why the hell not? Start taking names, draw out an obviously fake e-mail, and let the folks here do their thing? Yes, the scammers register new accounts at the rate of something like thirty an hour, but at least I'll be trying proactively, whch is more than I can say for some people. And if I can get others to join in... Nah, that's just fantasy.

Speaking of fantasy, that one legit email I have waiting. Nice enough profile, sounded kinky enough that I figured it was another trap. Getting an auto-reply made me rethink that; it seems a little too sophisticated for the usual group of douchbags who set these profiles up. Having that profile appear on my "Who's Looking" list was a major boost; a reply without an appearance there is pretty much proof that the profile was BS. And then, my often-absent powers of observaton took the moment to chime in. I clicked on the "On IM" icon, and debated whether or not to page her.

Funny thing: her profile has her giving a residence as my town. Her IM says she's in the Philippines. Slight discrepancy there.

(On a probably-related note, I've seen a LOT of women on vid-chat from that same location, although the exact name escapes me at the moment. Frankly, it has me wondering, but that can wait for now.)

So, I'm going to wait for a reply that will probably never come. In other words, business as usual, here in The Pit.

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