lonelyforsaken 36M
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3/8/2006 5:45 pm

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4/24/2006 6:14 pm


Man, I hate being so weak-willed.

I managed to surprise even myself, this time: last week's resolution lasted all of eighteen hours.

I've got to stop trawling through the chat rooms here.

On the other hand, I figured "why the hell not" and shelled out enough for a three-month Silver pass here. Liking it so far; now, instead of every woman I contact ignoring my winks, they can now ignore my e-mails, too.

And I know I'm gonna regret uploading pics onto my profile; something like that just begs to have the wrong person stop by. Ah, well. C'est la guerre.

sassybelle21 33F  
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3/8/2006 7:11 pm

What's wrong with your photos?

lonelyforsaken 36M

3/10/2006 8:50 pm

Simple. My face is now out on the Net. That means that someone I know may come across this, and will undoubtedly use it for great embarrassment.

And to anyone who wants to point out the odds of someone I know just happening to stop by on this site and decide to give me hell for it: it happens. Hell, I've done it, which is exactly why I'm expecting it.

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