Oh how charming!  

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3/25/2006 11:18 pm

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3/27/2006 11:53 pm

Oh how charming!

I come online earlier.....signed onto my "Y" messenger...within 5 minutes a 'gentleman' decides after seeing my profile on there to send me an im.

first words out of his keyboard...."can I lick your ass?" my response..."what's the magic word?" "May I please lick your ass?" "nope"

Does this ever work? Does anybody ever use "hey wanna fuck?" as their opening chat line and it works?

I am looking for someone who wants to actually get to know me, whats between my ears and not just what's between my thighs. I've tried the 'traditional' dating sites, I've tried dating sites for BBW's specifically....Zilch. I come on AdultFriendFinder and get bombarded with offers for sex and those who say they want to be friends with benefits and it turns out they just want the benefits part and not the friends part too.

I'm always shy when i first meet someone if i like them. if i don't feel the chemistry, i'm calm and relaxed and can talk easily lol how screwed up is that?

My first planned meet when i first joined was with someone who lived out of town but was going to be coming to the area every week for about a year. He got into town, sent me a msg and told me what room he was in and what time i should meet him. i said i'm sorry, but i don't just go to hotel rooms to meet. he didn't like that. became irate. i said i didn't want to meet him if thats how he was going to be. i offered him some advise and said to get the phone book and look up escourt services and with a little money, he could have someone to his specifications come to his hotel and do that. His response? not good. he called me a bitch who got a case of cold feet and that's putting it nicely. nope. i never led him to believe i was just going to meet him for sex. We were going to go out, dinner, movie, see how it clicked, like a date kind of thing. Turns out he didn't want to be seen in public with me.

As I type now, some other guy that doesn't get the hint is still trying to get me to go over his place now at 2:30 in the morning but he's not taking the hint that i am not doing that, plus he is asking me what my weight is. my response was they don't have to cut the side of the house off to get me out of it. I have a standard door that I don't have to turn sideways to get through, I don't need a door the size of a barn door to leave my house. Then I guess he'd figure he'd tell me how "fat his fatest fuck was" hm....gee....and they say romance is dead!

maybe i'm being too choosey LOL!

i'm going to go lay down on the couch and sleep on it for the night...why yes, i do fit on a standard couch!

LongHairRkr 46M

3/26/2006 10:32 am

ROTFLMAO!!! Now this is possibly the funniest thing I've heard ... sad, but funny. I don't get how some people treat each other on here. It's absolutely amazing.

While "do you want to fuck?" or "can I lick your ass?" are GREAT pickup lines to be sure ... (note the sarcasm there) ...I'm wondering what kind of people sit behind their keyboards and decide ... "You know what? I think if I open the conversation with something crude, she'll think I'm SEXY!" Then of course they have the nerve to ask what YOUR weight is? OMG! Too funny!!! Very sad ... but still funny. I wouldn't get angry with any of them, instead I would feel sorry for the poor slobs.

After all, anyone who would begin a conversation with "can I lick your ass?" is probably morbidly obese with Cheeto crumbs on the shelf they call a chest while they have the keyboard propped up on their belly, which is flopped on the desk in front of them. They probably have a nice "white" tee shirt on, staind that nasty yellow brown color under the arms and around the neck, with stains from whatever food droppings they managed to slop near their faces as they greedily chow down on fistfulls of junk food. How could you expect better manners from someone like that after all? It's not their fault they lack social graces ... they haven't ever BEEN in public really, so instead they hide in hotels so noone can see THEM, not who they're with.

Just my opinion. LMAO!

(Jim )

3/26/2006 8:33 pm

So, that's it... I'm using the wrong pick up lines... I guess the old "Hi", "What's up?" and "How've you been?"

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