How's this for a strange dream...  

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6/20/2006 7:45 pm

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How's this for a strange dream...

Hows this for a strange dream

I was picked to be in a horror movie. I was going to get sliced and diced by the bad guys. Of course, being a movie, I was sure it was going to be all pretend. So they put all this fake skin on me so they could really cut me and I wouldnt feel it. So were shooting the movie and all these bad guys are stabbing and cutting me with their blades and knives and it was stinging! I said theyre really cutting me! The director said Well, we decided that the fake stabbings didnt look real enough so we decided to do it for real. Then we took a break from shooting. While I was sitting there, thinking about what the guy had just told me, this white dog came over and decided to hang out with me and he said he was going to stay and adopt me and I had to take him home. I thought ok at first but then remembered I had a cat (I dont LO and didnt know how they would get along. Next thing I know, Madonna sits next to me and wanted to know how Im doing. I told her what the director said, about the movie being done for real and she said Oh bummer!

The director yelled that break time was over and it was time to go back. The next scene involved me being in line, like the kind you find at an amusement park. I started getting swords and knives thrown at me and I was ducking and avoiding them and the director was yelling at me because they were suppose to hit me! Then the bunch jumped me and tried to slice my stomach up with broken glass! Some how I managed to kick my way free and the director shouted CUT! and everyone stopped. Well I had had about enough of this and decided I had to get away some how. So I said I had to go to the bathroom. So Madonna went with me to help me find one. The dog decided to come along too.

So were walking down the street of some strange city, no idea where I was. It was dark and yucky out. It had rained earlier but since it was so warm, most of the roads were dry except for a lonely puddle every so often.

We reach the bathroomjust there on the side of a building LOL and we go in. Its the smallest dirtiest place youve ever imagined. I wait my turn and walk to the far stall (there were 3). All the walls were painted a different primary color. No graffetti of any kind. But the walls and doors are loose. I try to close the door and it creates a domino effect and every wall falls over. Madonna starts laughing wildly and the dog told me we had to move along. So I left the bathroom embarrassed. I decided I would try to stall going back to the set as long as possible, maybe they would forget about me and find someone else. Once and awhile someone would jump out from a side alley and try to throw something sharp at me which I avoided.

The dog decides to start acting up, biting at people on the street and trying to scratch me. He had very long claws for a dog. We stop to take a break and Im thinking there was no way I could let this dog alone with my cat because the dog would eat her! LOL I find a stray cat wandering around who happened to look like a cat I used to have and the dog got along great for the most part. He showed his teeth a couple of times but otherwise it went smoothly.

We eventually made it to what appeared to be the towns square. Lots of marble, lots of large looming staircases that led up to a massive marble building. Might have been a town hall or a court house. No signage was present.

There were speakers everywhere and they were blasting a local radio station. A DJ with a very deep voice was on. Madonna, the dog and I were just standing in the square, looking around at all the marble. Next thing I know my son is yelling hi to me from the top of the steps and I look up and hes about 50 years old! In real life hes 3-1/2 lol so I say you cant be my son. Yes I am mommy! And hes old looking but he still has his little boy voice he has now.

Next thing I know the DJ announces Double D is in the town square. (That is a nickname given to me by one of the salesmen where I work LO All of a sudden, all these flat chested women wearing sports bras and shorts start running after me trying to beat me up! Madonna is cheering them on. Here it was a set up the whole time. She was trying to get me into the town square so I could get what was coming to me for ditching the movie. My son is yelling with his little boy voice "Hey! You not nice to mommy! You get timey out RIGHT NOW!"

I woke up after that. STRANGE! LOL

travellerabc123 48M
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10/9/2006 10:18 pm

I like reading your stuff. Got anything new to get off your chest?

Embrace the suck

travellerabc123 48M
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10/9/2006 10:21 pm

I really wasn't surprised when I read this...

Most of Madonna's movies have been nightmares...


Embrace the suck

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