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Probably the most profound book i ever read was "WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE".

If you don't know it or didn't read it as a kid then I'm so so sorry.
But this book was hugely influential to my sense of self. The oldies among you know about my constant need for escape and desire for adventure right, blah blah, but SERIOUSLY: this book is where it all stemmed from.

A little boy, dresses up in a wolf suit and gets sent to his room where he suddenly finds himself dreaming into another land far far away, to where the wild things are, and there he becomes king. Eventually, after much ruckus' he has to return home and leave them behind and this is where i switched off.

In my ending I stayed with the Wild Things, and we lived happily ever after, whilst most other boys returned home to get their supper and get tucked in.

I was workinng as a creative director our in Malaysia in 2003, and got commissioned on the side to write a screenplay of an idea i had had for years, about a young man who manages to conjure himself out of reality and the city becomes surrounded by the vast primordial jungle that he is drawn to.

I have always written short treatments and scripts around escapism & my own need to find a sense of self. This script was by far the most precious and autobiographical to me.

Below in an excerpt, the current ending of the 2nd draft in fact.
I wish I could understand my thought process of putting this on here but I just felt like it ok and just deal with it
The concept drawing I am hugely proud of as it is a composite of about 6 photographs taken in Kuala Lumpur to represent the setting of this scene, the wall surrounding the city, and the wild, beyond it..


I went over there to find you last night and
she...Lily lost the baby Stan. It was an accident. I
helped h...

STANTON launches at JACOB with one pounce, knocking him back into the water. The canal becomes a torrent of thrashing water as JACOB struggles for air, STANTON holding him under the water, groaning in a terrible rage.

Three gunshots shatter the evening air, ploughing through the rain and into STANTON's back knocking him down dead on top of the still sunken JACOB.

Gasping for air as he reaches the surface, JACOB bolts upward and gathers his composure. He desperately looks around until his eyes wander to the top of the concrete barricade, where MICKEY stands pointing his gun in JACOB's direction.

HANIF and one other gang member stand on either side of him. JACOB stares hopelessly at them, reluctantly accepting his fate.
MICKEY stares out at the wilderness in front of him, still aiming at JACOB.

What is this place?

I. I don't know.

MICKEY stares long and hard at JACOB, who stands helpless in the water, STANTON's body floating next to him. Then, without a sound, the three men turn and disappear behind the rampart leaving only the falling rain for view.

JACOB's heartbeat plummets and he almost sinks back into the water. Steadying himself, he checks STANTON's lifeless corpse, strokes its head, and stands looking at the jungle in front of him. The wind has calmed, the rain, softened, and JACOB pushes his friend toward the other side of the canal.

STANTON reaches the other bank and lies, swaying in the current, rocking to and fro within the plants and weeds that hide his withered face.
JACOB steps out of the water, turns to catch one last glimpse of the sight, and climbs into the tunnel, closing the manhole behind him.

The rain begins to die out, and the silence of the trees and the trickle of the soft water can be heard once more.


Moments later, MICKEY reappears at the top of the rampart, and stares eagerly at the scene in front of him. The wind picks up, and the jungle begins to howl once more, a gentle breeze, caressing MICKEY's face, tempting him with it's secret.


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I can't comment on the screenplay. I am stuck on you as a little boy, zipping up the wolf's suit and walking out the door... hahaha. meet you there.

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