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4/6/2006 8:18 am

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I don’t believe everyone has a Ulysses’ complex in them. I have to believe that or it won’t feel as powerful to me. Not all men were created equal. And not all complex’s are as welcomed as mine is…

I was talking to a friend about men’s hero complexes, establishing why we feel we have to protect ‒ provide ‒ explore. We never came to any conclusion. I don’t think there is one. And as I said above, I don’t believe all men do. Not really anyhow.

If you’ve ever woken up and wanted to be a hundred miles away. Have everyone in your life forget you ever existed & set off on a life-long journey…
If you’ve ever been standing at the crossroads about to walk one way but caught a glimpse of that other road… That unexplored territory..
If you've ever watched a sunset from the highest point in the land and wondered where it fell...

Modern culture often represents these themes in various ways and as I’m part of the film world I guess I’ll stick to the moving image:

- follow the white rabbit ‒ red pill blue pill scene in the matrix
- that moment in the phone booth from fight club
- the fork in the road in big fish
- returning home to find family dead in star wars
- big blue ‒ the whole film.. it scares me how much I associate to that film
- the helicopter ride at the end of platoon ‒ loss of innocence

So far I haven’t been offered this kind of choice in my life and at the risk of sounding pretentious I realize that real life is a lot less glossy than the world we create in our imaginations… But it DOESN’T have to be does it?

Our lives can’t surely only revolve around a day job & responsibilities, looking for excitement in menial forms?? Do we all feel like this at my age?
Don’t confuse my quench for something greater for unhappiness. I’m content with many things, I just acknowledge that some people have a greater need for understanding, can’t sit back and accept life & death and nothing else.
I’m one of those people. I know there are lots of us out there. And so far I can only speak for the male of the species, I don’t know how woman feel about this subject. Do you have these feelings? Is it an inherent human ability to want more? Do men have to quest for something in their lives in order to come home & have better understanding of the world?

I wish I’d lived in another time. Discovering new worlds & new cultures, defending a land from invading tribes, all the macho physical endeavours.. Nowadays we just explore and quest more subtly, but few really get out there and try t find meaning.

I read “Into the Wild” when I was 21 and it nearly killed me. I don’t know why I understood the character of Chris McCandless so well, I just did.
It’s the true story of a young man who one day dropped everything and left the world he knew behind. He dropped out of college. He dumped his girlfriend/friends. He said goodbye to his family. He left his car in the roadside, gave away all his money. And he walked off into the Alaskan wilderness and was never seen again….

I write a lot about these sorts of topics & never really saw it until another writer friend of mine pointed out that all my screenplays have been about a search of identity. I guess it’s my cathartic way of dealing with my emotions. But no matter how much I write I never satiate my taste for freedom of spirit. Bare with me. I’m still trying to find out who ME is.

Some may say I’m already on my Odyssey. I say mine hasn’t even started yet……

Till next time…


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4/6/2006 10:46 am

If you choose to go, take MEEEE!
88 mph!
That's where I want to go..
1885 here we come..

© ByNaomi MyMirrorWithin 05'-08'

londongames replies on 4/8/2006 8:18 pm:
naomi you'd make the perfect travelling companion, and you'd always keep me smiling
all your warmth would be enough to keep anyone content, but alas, some places I have to go alone...

your friend LG x

rm_samanthas2 40F
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4/7/2006 9:51 am

to be or not to be??
aren't we all heroes in our own world???
theres nothing wrong in wanting to protect and provide as long as your quest for heroics doesnt consume you as not everybody wants to be saved.
theres still so much in this life time to explore and discover,and not having you in it would definately be a loss.
from a womans prospective i dont need a man to save or protect me,but i like to feel safe and protected,can u understand that.
as i said we are all heroes and just helping those in need is satisfaction enough.
i dont think i could sever all ties and wonder off in to the wilderness,im not strong enough as friends and family are too important and the simple life doesnt becon me.
as always your blogs make me think,keep up with the writing, maybe that will bring out the hero in you.

londongames replies on 4/8/2006 8:24 pm:
hello sam x
you know more than most about this an you pretty much hit the nail on the head.
Being a hero isn't necessarily for other people's benefits i fear. This feeling I get is a more selfish one where It's a desire for that journey a hero goes on, not necessarily who he saves. I get the impression it would save me more than it would anybody else...


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4/8/2006 5:21 am

walking away isn't that hard you know. I've done it several times. I was a teenage runaway...started somewhere new..then a few years later again..then again and again.. It was what I needed and all I knew that I felt at the time could allow me to be me.. Its a liberating experience to just get on that train and know which city/country you may be going but not know anyone. You can recreate your life, your ways, your dominant or hidden side.. you can be refreshed by you and by others..sometimes it can feel it is the only way to go..

More recently I havent felt the need to run.. I have found that wherever I go I am there..so are memories ..so are unsaid things and undone things.. I can and will make them now.. here and now..

Travel and moving wont be lost.. I still need them.. still need the feeling of the other.. to open my eyes again.. to see me and you again. fresh.. sparkling and alive..

I wanted (still want to if I am honest) be a working class hero (love lennons song..) but think I may do it in a more subtle way than b4.. becauase b4 I could have taken off and led many things but I was too scared..and not ready.. now I know I cant be here without trying.. even in some small way.. life is so harsh sometimes.. and yet so damed beautiful.

I think there are lots of travel companions you could choose. Lots are openly offereing themselves to you, understandably. Though it may be best for you to go alone.. with no set plan, just expect to learn, explore and make difference.. But if you choose a companion (or 6) there will be different journies and those too will be full. There is no right or wrong for you.. just reach out to what you want and need..there is so much to tap into. x

Play with me........

londongames replies on 4/8/2006 8:30 pm:
you have a beautiful mind, i'm in awe of your spiritualness.
Mine tends to come and go on a breeze & a whisper, but you have a deep understanding of life in its purest form.
I agree with you wholeheartedly about refreshing/recreating your life when you see fit. Our ability to change & adapt is the key to our survival i guess..


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4/17/2006 4:57 pm

Marc the rocker. I belive in love and astronomoical visions, but then again it will be the blimp and not thy other,,,,, Get current an more descriptive which is a litttle descripitive to they average jo which I'm not.. Your head i s in the right place but not all the way their.. I will folloow you in a good way.. All Lovibg and expertise. The rocker''s hugs and kisses , the names are the same but they answers are a liittle bit off camber. more or the same.... Size four is in the realm of rip an tear=== total sexually fullfillness. Oh those were the days. Soon will be the time fo us don't hold out....... the kid...

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