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3/19/2006 1:14 am
Worka worka worka work

Ah, today. Woke up early and did some community service that lasted for 6 hours and then came right back home to do homework. Realized that my headache, which I tried to sleep off, was really caffeine withdrawal (which is just what I need). I have not a digital camera nor the ability to be really photogenic (that whole not-sleeping-an-appropriate-amount thing is just a little...prevalent, perhaps?), so I have not yet a nice little photo to put up.
All work and no play makes the lollygagger a dull boy, but hey, that's what I must do. I'll figure out how to work all of the options for this site eventually. Maybe after I get some sleep.
I don't have an excess of sex stories to put here, but hell, that may be the purpose of this blog (though eventually I'll end up using for my own nefarious purposes), so I can tell them eventually.

Une plaisanterie pour vous: Why do actors always tell each other to 'break a leg?'
-So that they'll get into the cast!
-Courtesy of Bruce Campbell, "If Chins Could Kill"

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