Still with the bitching. Heh.  

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1/9/2006 12:26 pm

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Still with the bitching. Heh.

Gah. Still with the invites and contacts and spelling. And I'd like to add capitalization (ALTHOUGH NOT ALL CAPS BECAUSETHENYOULOOKLIKEYOU'RESHOUTINGOMGSHHHHHHH) to my needs. I just have no respect for someone who doesn't put the effort in to convey complete thoughts according to the most basic rules of written communication. Or, on the other hand, can't. And, my apologies, guys, but...I don't want anyone inside me whose brain can't understand the concept of a clause.

No matter who I find on this site, and I've talked to a few guys who were willing to run the gauntlet--had a really good time, too--I'm going to want some time to interact with him. I want to know that our senses of humor match up well, because being able to banter and play with a partner is more than a side benefit; it's a major turn on. I want to feel enough of a spark online that I feel the risks of meeting up in real life are worth it, and I feel like I can predict, at least somewhat, what that guy will be like.

Along those lines, I don't have a picture on my profile, and that's not because I'm a hideous hosebeast with three nostrils. It's because I'm not inclined to become stroke material just because I'm here. Know how many women need a bit more warm-up time than men? That applies to online and phone interactions as well. This isn't a stroke service; it's a meeting of two people who are EACH looking for something. I can't just pick up the phone and start poking myself, and asking me to without relaxing me, getting me interested in that other person with some, you know, regular conversation, is about as arousing as ice water dumped on you in your sleep.

So that I'm not a complete whiny dork, I had some of the best phone sex of my life the other night. Thanks, J ;P

lokifin 43F
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1/10/2006 2:36 pm


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