How hard is it?  

lokifin 43F
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1/12/2006 9:19 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

How hard is it?

Hah. I'm not talking about that. Stop perving.

What I mean is, how hard is it to actually read someone's profile and get a sense of what she's interested in? The only thing I specify is humor, intelligence, and writing skills. That, to me, is enough to make a good first impression, and I'll go from there. A step further can get the interested party access to this blog, which rants about those requirements. We're not even getting into my personal preferences in looks and personality. This is all about the first gauntlet to see if I'll even spare a moment to pay attention to you. If I'm not worth a quick read-through of both my profile and your email? Why should I put any effort into meeting with you? Why would I want to know someone who doesn't care enough about my opinion of him to put forth the best version of himself that text gives? It's like trying to pick up a girl at a bar with cocktail sauce on your shirt and bad breath.

Today's example:

Look at ny pics and profile and if you are interested, send me pics of you and lets talk to

Okay. So there's a typo in there. No big. But...there're actually three, and I'm a big believer in knowing how to use apostrophes and the difference between homonyms. It takes how long to proofread two lines? Really--how long?

Not to mention, his profile, which was attached, pretty much held up that he a)either can't spell or can't type, b)doesn't care enough to use that spell-check button that's so verrrreh conveniently placed on every single page in this site, and c)doesn't use apostrophes. In his profile.


So I send back the usual I don't respond to emails with incorrect spelling and punctuation. What does he do? Take the lesson and apply it in future attempts to woo women? Oh, no. He thinks it's funny that I have standards!

Hit a wrong key ? My , not ny -lol? I am a very well educated man

And I should believe him...why? Because he types like a 16-year-old on AOL? Because he thinks that internet=omg i kin tipe lyk dis n letz go owt yo ur fyn lol im rill smrt. I admit, he's not that bad, but...why should I bother? I've got clearly thoughtful members who take that second to proofread because it's clearly important to me. Who are looking for someone to whom communication is an art. I have no problem playing with words and using abbreviations, but show me you're using them with a clear sense of irony rather than because you just don't care to try.

lokifin 43F
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1/13/2006 7:43 am

Thanks, HM4. And right back at you; it is nice to know that others value this stuff too. Keep reading. I'm sure I have more than this to rant about.

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