Hot enough for ya?  

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7/22/2005 2:17 pm

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Hot enough for ya?

Can you believe it? Record breaking heat wave here in Colorado. Power went out at the office so I'm home today a bit early getting some ancillary chores done (and checking the boards). Though we have A/C, it's enough to keep you from roasting, but not cool enough to really enjoy the day.

In Colorado, the heat tends to slow people down. They complain, wish for different weather, or downright close up and do not want to be disturbed.

I'm the opposite. Something happens to me when it is hot. I immediately daydream about the beach (Kauaii in particular) and the wonderful feeling of ocean air breezes caressing my skin. The taste of mango and the delicious juices flowing from my mouth and down my chin as I take a bit into an especially ripe one. The smell of citris fruits, plumerias, and coconut oil. It stirs my loins and I immediately take into the smells of different people, especially if I am outside and in a crowd, say like in downtown Boulder, Fort Collins, or Denver. I enjoy the earthy smell of others (not B.O.), the smell that comes from clean sweat. Yeah, you do often come across an offensive one, but most have unique earthy smells.

I especially enjoy going to farmers' markets on days like today. The smell of the fresh produce, vendors, and of the women buying these goods are a delight to my senses. No, I don't become a pervert and start sniffing at everyone's crotches <g> but I do take the time to smell everything (and everyone) around me.

Am I unique to this? What about you? Do you find the heat a turn on, or an excuse to take naps? Do you also enjoy the smells and senses during the heat? Do you find other's smells offensive, or do other's find your's a turn-on?

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