What The Fuck!  

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8/6/2006 2:37 pm

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What The Fuck!

OK OK GUYS ....WAKE UP! This is Clark giving you A LITTLE HINT & FRIENDLY ADVICE...Take it for what it's worth, and Lois agrees with me on this.

Ok understand this...MEN...YOU ARE UGLY...Men period, are ugly....we are lucky a woman wants to fuck us in the first place! So guys, when a woman wants to see what you look like...GET A NICE PICTURE OF YOURSELF...not one where you just came off the baseball field all gross and sweaty. Look around and find a nice picture, or hell dress up and get one nice picture taken of yourself, in slacks, and a NICE shirt...NOT A TEE-SHIRT, a nice collared shirt. I say this because Lois will be seeing these pictures, and yes they will be in consideration for your admittance to The Rustic Red House. Yes, we will be basing it on how you look. You send a picture of yourself in a tee shirt, and cut-offs I will tell you no matter how good looking you may think you are, it will not cut it at The Rustic Red House. You want that go to the local house party and see men in gym shorts and tee shirts. Our club will not be that way, and people who show up looking like that will not be admitted...PERIOD.

Never mind, guys…are you or are you not looking to get laid? It is one thing to have a dick pic, but you know what show that to the ladies after the nice picture is shown. Not all woman want to see your dick right away! I sure in the hell don't!

Man I can not believe that I have to say this...The first picture they see should be one that you would have taken at a NICE CLUB!

This free advice is the opinion of Lois and Clark & Lois and Clark ALONE...However come on think about it! YOU KNOW I'M RIGHT!!!


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