What Are The 2 Things Men Want?  

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8/2/2006 9:45 pm

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What Are The 2 Things Men Want?

As I was sitting and reading about what is going on in sports, I had the coolest idea.

What are the 2 things men want the most? Well hell obvious #1 is sex! OK that #1 is mine, but is the most thing men want too, and the next is any thing to do with sports. My favorite sport is football, and I love Fantasy Football. So I am making Fantasy Football for The Rustic Red House!

Now I will tell you this I love football, I love sex, and if Lois comes to me in the middle of a football game and says Clark we need to play a game of our own, I will be missing part of a football game, that is for sure! Thanks God for DVR....ANYHOW...I am offering it up for the group. Men and women can join the 1st Annual Rustic Red House Fantasy Football League! I know sex, and I know football, let's put me to the test. If there is a lot of call for it, I may open the Rustic Red House for Sunday football, for I will have Direct Ticket on Direct TV, if there is a call for it. I will set up the What Men Want Weekend...That will include College Football Too. But there has to be a call for it.

Also as The Rustic Red House is getting it's start, we have had plans for an alcohol free zone for our club, and Lois and I have had many discussions about this very subject. And we realize, this may not be a realistic idea to have it a free zone for alcohol. How ever we are big believers in NOT HAVING FUCKED UP DRUNK ASSES at our club. This will not be a BOYB club, how ever it will be a club where you can donate to get in and then an additional donation for certain types of beer and coolers, and my favorite Smirnoff Ice, and other like that. This will be provided for you but at a 3 drink MAXIMUM, not minimum but MAXIMUM. Lois thinks we all should know what we are doing and to whom we will be doing it to. And I agree. Besides I don't want anyone throwing up on my wood floor of my cabin resort! I know you all know what I am talking about. So if you would be interested in free Fantasy Football email me at ya ho o at our same nick as on AdultFriendFinder.

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