WOW! What A Day  

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7/24/2006 8:26 pm
WOW! What A Day

Well Superfriends,
I am taking some time to write. Ask Lois, it was so busy today, that I needed more then one telephone booth though out our fair city to keep up with all the action. By the time I was back into Clark mode, I had to be Superman again. Oh Well Sometimes you have to do what you have to do !

This is actually our/my first post on a "blog". Lois and I are getting our "Rustic Red House" (check out ) ready for our Superfiends we will invite to my hidden lair.

Folks, I have been to house party places, let me tell you this...this blows them away. As a matter of fact it blows them right out of the water! Lois is doing her "SUPER" job getting it ready for all of our Superfriends. I will tell you this once you come to my lair you may never want to go to another house party ever again!

I am so happy for Lois! She is working so hard to make it a place that all will want to cum to again and again! And we got it for you! On the web site you will see the outside of my lair, we will get more pictures of this great place on the site soon! We hope that all who get invited to my lair will feel special, because you are. If you get the invite, know that we have choosen you because we feel that an upscale place deserves upscale people. Now do we sound a LITTLE CONCEITED...YES! By all means YES YES YES! Come on..if you want to party at a place that provides just a "house atmosphere" you can dress like you are at home, but you will realize, you are not at a house party, but a resort type of place....Superman's resort if you will! Therefore we ask a few things in return when you get the invite...READ THE WEB PAGE (or read it now)to see what we are talking about. I can not wait! It will be what everyone looks for, and wishes they could go to when they go to a swing club!

Become a VIP, you will get that treatment...VIP! More to cum as far as that is concerned later.

We are looking for the first weekend in October for our GRAND OPENING! Lots of work to be done before then. Hope you all have a Super Week! Stay away from all that Kryptomite out there! In other words stay safe!


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