We Shall Prevail  

lockportbigrl69 48F
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9/11/2006 2:11 pm

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1/15/2007 1:41 pm

We Shall Prevail

One insane moment in time,
With no reason or rhyme,
The world is turned upside down.
Shockwaves carry and cover,
As fear and horror hover,
The terror touches every town.

Disciples of Satan descend,
Civilized people in pretend,
With evil at the helm.
To crucify innocent people,
Occupying innocent steeples,
In an innocent realm.

Eagerly engulfing its prey,
Regardless of farewells to say,
Panic and mayhem reign.
Acting only on instinct,
No time to stop and think,
No time for sorrow or pain.

Massive monuments of mortar and steel,
In seconds fates are sealed,
Structures erupt in flame.
Daily events remember these,
Quickly becoming only memories,
Never forgotten never the same.

Smoldering Steal carcass,
The day becomes darkest,
Skies of ash, mountains of rubble.
The dawn of a new day,
Calm and solace stripped away,
Trouble times awaken times of trouble.

Broken hearts, broken beams,
Shattered lives and broken dreams,
Hand in hand heroes clear it.
Upon Satan’s face a frown,
His ambitions abruptly drown,
By are battered but unbroken spirit.

From the ruins resurrected,
Misfortune fates connected,
An angel, five thousand souls strong.
To defeat and to defend,
To conquer and contend,
To make right this unimaginable wrong.

The lives they have been taken,
But do not be mistaken,
These lives are not taken in vain.
These souls thus erected,
Bequeath eternally protected,
The love ones still remain.

Terror is ultimately deceased,
With evil plans decreased,
For souls can not be buried.
For even on bloodied feet,
The light of angels lead,
If we drop by god be carried.

Underestimated the evil’s scope,
Our undying faith and hope,
Overlooked is this tiny detail.
For it is with honor and pride,
And god on our side,
We shall overcome we shall prevail.

Evil it has no place,
Such a wrath it has to face,
With divine intervention above.
What was Satan’s thought,
Through anger our souls sought,
But all that remains is LOVE.

rm_naughty4u506 50M
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9/28/2006 11:02 pm

Interesting, mind me asking where that came from? Thanks

sixshooter693 74M
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1/12/2007 3:28 am

u know that is the best posting of that terrible day i have seen. very eloquent and very thoughtful lockportgrl.

onegoodhotman 62M
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1/15/2007 12:17 pm

Thank you. Love will always prevail. It is the greatest and strongest thing that we humans have going for us. A gift given to us, by the One who created it. Once again Thank you.

rm_3sum4fun55 62M/60F

11/19/2007 12:25 am

You have touched my soul with your inner spirit. Breath taking, honorable, and tearful!! A moment in time that will be with all of us. Time that shall forever stand still in our hearts.

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