The last chapter in the drama...  

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4/1/2006 1:29 pm

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The last chapter in the drama...

Before continuing reading the rest of this post, you might want to check What the hell is this person thinking , Confronting someone And finding out you just might be wrong , and Put a smile on your face in that order to get the full background.

Now having read those 3 posts, let's conclude thise little bit. I go into work last night to find out that my friend got fired from Eat N' Park. Why might you ask? Well... that depends on who you ask...

I have 2 versions of the reason why, and both are true, to a certain extent. The reason on the notice of termination is that her register drawers have been short for the past month, every time she's worked. And believe it or not, the registers are almost always short. HAving said that, it might be true that she did take money, I don't know. I didn't see her do it, and I'm not gonna specualte, having been fired once myself for the very same thing. Not proud of it, and boy did it change my life, but still, I did it, I can't say one thing about it. This I found out from both the other servers, who grabbed me as I walked in and told me, and from the manager on duty, who pulled me aside to find out if I knew anything about it, and if I had been trained in the use of E N P's register system, which I'm glad to say I have not been. More on the little convo w/management later.

The other reason, and this one again I heard from both management and co-employees, is that she was sitting at the front counter talking about sexual fantasies she's had with her and another employee of the restaurant. If you really want to know who she was refering to, then you didn't read the previous 3 posts on this... Anyways, while no customer actually called into the corperate offices to complain about it, she happened to have spoken this aloud, where 3 different managers could hear her. Now if no customers complained, then this isn't something to be fired for per se. Hence the bit above about the registers being short.

As I said, the registers are always short, and in the year and a half I've been there, no one has been fired for it. I got to have a nice little chat with management because they wanted to know what I knew. The three main things I was asked in that conversation were 'Do you even know how to work the registers?', 'What's going on between you two?', and, last but most important, 'Will us firing her make you slack off, or have more of an attitude than you already have now?' This is management asking this now, not my fellow employees, who recieve my attitude on a daily basis. My reply? 'If I had actually done anything with her, no one would be dealing with any attitude because I'd be a very relaxed individual. As far as me slacking off, I'm the only cook who bothers to stay 3 hours after his shift is done to make sure that all of his cleanups and stocking is done. If you want, I can start to slack...'

They didn't like that last bit...

And that is that. I haven't gotten any answers/replies/phone calls from her, and thus I'm left in the lurch.

As far as attitude goes, as much as I try, and it has gotten really bad recently, I can't help but snap at people. Whether they deserve it or not. Why? There are a lot of reasons. The main few are the facts that I'm not sleeping very well, if at all, which makes me grumpy, and I'm lonely as all hell, which makes me vary grumpy. And guess what? None of that's gonna change, while I'm as grumpy as I am. I mean, think about it, if you're a grumpy ass, people aren't gonna wanna hang out with you. Period. In my case, that causes me to lose sleep, and thus those 2 problems continue.

Oh well. Not like I'm expecting a deluge of responses to this, as I don't get many of those as it is on this site, although there are other sites I've started to visit, and one in particular I've been on for like 5 days, and already have 6 different people e-mailing me, but I digress. I'll talk to yinz lata...

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4/2/2006 7:32 am

Hey if you ever want to talk, you can talk to me I hope you are feeling better now!

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