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3/2/2006 5:20 pm

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More about me...

I realize there are just somethings that our profiles don't say. There isn't enough room, or you don't think to put it in there, or in my case, you don't think any of it will help you meet anyone. So I figured I'd let people in on some of background, just to see what yinz think.

Family: The only blood family I really have is my sister. My mom died when I was 9, my dad died when I was 19. I only met one of my grandparents, and he died when I was 8. The family I am closest with is the family I have made, my friends. They know that I'd gothrough fire, and hell if they needed me to.

Health: I've been a diabetic since I was a year old. I'm not really sure if this is something I should have put into my profile or not, I mean, it is serious for anyone I either hang out with or date to know that, in case something unforseen happens, ya know? Not that I look forward to stuff happening, but you know, I could be served the wrong drink in a restaurant and not realize it, and stuff llike that.

Work: As of right now, I am a midnight cook at a local chain of restaurants called Eat N' Park. Pittsburgh and surrounding areas, though I think there are restaurants west into Ohio, and east in Sommerset. I don't know. I work at the Natrona Heights store, in case any PA ladies who live in the area wanna come up after 11P.M. and here me cuss the server on duty out for f'n up the checks... That's 40+ hours of my week, then there is...

School: I go to CCAC (Community College of Allegheny County) for computers. I only take 2 classes at a time, at least this semester, being that, I need to sleep sometimes for work and stuff. Other then that...

Offtime: I mostly surf the net. I post my entries into my blog, read other peoples stuff, play some games, check up on some of my hobbies (I collect certain things), and stuff like that. When I have friends over, I break the x-box out, and we generally have a good time.

Ummm... That's about it as far as my real life goes. Kinda boring... At least for now. Hopefully, I can meet someone, and have even more to do, but until then, you know where I'll be. Don't really know why I posted this, but oh well.
Please leave any comments below, as I've said before, they will be read... Talk to yinz later...

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3/3/2006 4:33 am

Gosh I left a comment here last night..guess it wasnt posted.

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