From thoughts of derangement, to thoughts of... children playing in the grass... and back again?  

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3/16/2006 10:06 am

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From thoughts of derangement, to thoughts of... children playing in the grass... and back again?

Okay, first off, let me explain how my day started. I went to work last night, which means that as this day started, I was already at work for like 2 or 3 hours. Now as I've stated before, I work in a restaurant, and when you do, you must deal with deep fryers. How do you think your french fries get cooked? Anyways, it was between 1am and 2 am in the morn, and I was putting a basket of fries down, when some of the grease splashed out, and onto my face. My first reaction? Jump back, so nothing else gets on me, which causes me to ram the bag of fries into my eye, the same basic area that the grease had struck...

Now comes the first and biggest mistake. I stayed til the end of my shift. I know, I know...

Second mistake. I stayed after my shift to try and get shit done that hadn't gotten done.

It's now 8am in the morning, when I should have left at 7am, co-workers are backing away from me in fear asking if my eye'sokay , and I finally say, enough. I leave, and go to the ER. After a ten minute walk (8:10am) I talk to the triage nurse...

At the triage station, the nurse asks me if I need treated. I say yes. She asks me what's wrong so I explain what happened. She tells me to go get registered, and then she'll call me over... This takes about 5 minutes(8:15am)

I go to the registry desk. She asks for photo ID, my insurance card, and the same basic questions that the triage nurse asked. I'm the only person in the waiting room, sides workers. She tells me to sit down, and I'll be called over. This takes about ten minutes(8:25am)

A few minutes later, the same triage nurse that first saw me calls me over. I sit in the chair she designates, and she proceeds to ask me, the exact same questions the registration lady, and she herself asked me not 15 minutes ago! Plus I have to wait for all the labels to print. Thus I'm led back to the 'eye room' of the ER... total time 20 minutes(8:45am)

The eye doctor comes in, puts some drops in my eye that burn like a bitch, proceeds to not be able to find q-tips, has to reapply the drops, and then discovers that the grease itself has not hit my eye, like everyone feared. But I did scratch my cornea with the bag o fries... He gives me drops to take, 2 drops in the eye when I get home, 1 drop every 3 hours after, and I get distarched. Total time for this? 26 minutes(9:11am for those keeping count)

I go outside, catch a bus, go get drinks (Diet Mountain Dew, no sleep? Yeah right... Oh wait, I can't sleep with these drops in my eyes. I have to take the first 2, and then at least 1 more drop before I can sleep...) And proceed to get back to my apartment at about 5 minutes to 10am(9:55am) Now after I get home from work, I have a semi ritual. Since most of the waitresses I work with are hotties, I get to watch them go around the restaurant and see their asses wiggle, whenever they pass my window. Hence I'm glad that they can't see the erections they cause... Anyways, I go home from work, and ritualistically, masturbate about whoever I worked with the night before. This little bit of info might be too much info for some, so I apologize, but if I were getting lots and lots of sex, I would not have signed up for this site. I then proceed to try and put these drops in my eye, while sitting in front of my PC, and getting messaged from a friend of mine, in law school mind you, about this online game I've gotta try. I explain what I'm attempting, and why, and he's like that sucks. When done with eyedrops, go play game. So I'm sitting there thinking out loud, since I live alone, This game better be the shit. I then proceed to put drop 1 in my eye...

I think I broke my keyboard drawer...

I then put drop 2 in my eye, and manage to refrain from damaging anything else. The same shit he put in my eye at the hospital... for me to take every 3 hours...

I'm thoroughly pissed off now, and thus ends the first thoughts of derangement, cause at that point, I think I'd have tried anything, and I mean ANYTHING, to get my mind off the irritation in my eye.

I then start this game, which looks like a kiddy anime gone knights and armor-ish, except youstart in blue jeans and incase you missed it, they look like little kids. Playing in a field of grass... I play this game for like an hour and a half(noon-ish), trying to reach the same point that my friend is, so we can go get into some trouble together. Except that he's in class on his wireless laptop right now, so he isn't playing. Anyways, I play, until my eye starts to bother me... Now for the part of playing the game, I was actually not paying attention to the eye. I was trying to figure out this game. Tho and behild, my eye will have none of this... And thus, we start going back to the deranged...

It starts to twinge, and I'm like, okay, staring at the screen too long. I log off the game, and then go for some light reading of the blogs. Still not doing my normal thing. I then read some of the blogs, like how Sassy dressed all in black, or how MzHuny found a site that sells animal dildeos(and yes, they are dildoes shaped like the cocks of different animals, and then I read the responses...) The whole animal dildo thing really threw me for a loop, I couldn't even comment...

Anyways, I sit down at my blog, totally dazed, confused, irritated, and whatever else you might think I'm feeling at this moment when something happens... I see a cute pic. And after staring at said pic... guess who decided to wake up. Do any of you realize how hard it is to keep an erection when you're in pain? Trust me, it's gone up and down 5 different times while I've been trying to beat off/write this entry. 5 times. What the fuck. I need something. I either need it to rest, or I need to get off. Which do you think is happening soon? Oh yeah, the whole time points thing? It's now almost 1pm, 3 hours after I first took the stupid drops when I got home... It never fucking ends...

So what do yinz think will happen? Will Locke break his desk anymore? Will he actually be able to calm down enough to do something about his erection(s), or is he gonna be burn out, and not sleep, and not do anything relaxing, cause most of these things require eyesight, which I don't want to use right now...

I'll let ya'll know what happens, and not in lurid detail, unless you ask nicely, next post. I'll talk to yinz lata...

angelofmercy5 60F
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3/16/2006 11:17 am

I don't know...but it sounds kind of like a "stay tuned for scenes from the next episode".....doen't it? Hope you feel better soon!

jussweetlilolme 44F

3/16/2006 11:19 am

I think it sucks that you have to put those drops in your eyes, I have had to do it before, they burn like !@#!

I also think that if masturbating while typing the keyboard being broken should not come as a surprise, unless of course you mastered the one handed type/play skills, then (and this leads to the game) you should be fairly good at the video you were playing cause that's basically all hand-eye cordination.

Ultimately, I would have to say...I suppose it could get worse, but I sure hope it doesn't.

Good luck relieving yourself there hun, it'll get better.



The irratation in your eye will lesson if you close them while jerking is the actual blinking (rubbing of the eyelid across the damaged cornea) which is causing the eye to continue being irrated. I'm surprised they didn't give you the little pirate least then you could have changed this into a fantasy role...LOL

julie4daddy34 46F
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3/16/2006 11:22 am

Awww..well damn..bless your heart! I had my cornea scratched in high school when a ball of paper came flying down the hall and I had turned at just the right I know the pain of those eyedrops all too well! Seems to me you should have gone to bed..I know this isnt amusing for you at all..but on my behalf and on the behalf of others (who wont admit it)..towards the end it did give me a lil bit of a giggle. I'm sorry..but I had to be honest. You poor guy..I certainly hope things look up for ya. Get some rest!

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