Confronting someone... And finding out you just might be wrong...  

rm_lockestryfe 37M
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3/6/2006 2:35 pm

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4/1/2006 1:04 pm

Confronting someone... And finding out you just might be wrong...

So as stated in my previous entry, I have a friend at work who I believe is lying to me. Well, I did something some would consider foolhardy, some would consider righteous, but most would consider just plain dumb. I confronted her about it. I started off by asking for her advice. I asked her how I should ask a friend if they've been lying to me or not. She proceeded to tell me that unless I had specific questions that I already knew the answers to, then I really wouldn't know. If I did have the questions, and I told her I did, then I should just drop them in to idle chit chat. So I asked to practice on her. We were chit chatting...

Anyways, I asked her who at work knew she had shot up. She told me one person (me). I didn't even ask the second question. I told her about the conversation I had had with someone who's been friends with her since grade school, and the fact that this friend, and fellow server, told me my friend was on all kinds of drugs. My friend then proceeded to text message the other server to see what was going on. Found out that the other just said that cause my friend had lost a lot of weight, and I accidently confirmed it because of my facial reaction when she[ said it. I also found out that the other server likes to run her mouth about things she doesn't know about and stir trouble, as I got to read the text message she sent to my friend that siad she was just stirring the pot, verbatim. I then went though the agonizing night, because I did this at work, like a moron, even though that is the only time I ever get to talk to my friend, in a state of not feeling very good about myself. I don't like thinking someone is lying to me, then confronting them, and then finding out someone's just manipulating me. I'm also still confused about what to do about my friend's drug problem. She's addicted to heroin due to some bad things that a guy tried to do to her. I don't know if rehab will help her or not. I really don't know what to do, and I really don't want to lose a friend. I have all of 2 real life friends right now, and 1 of them is in law school in New York. I have a bunch of aquaintances, but I don't talk to them, and they don't talk to me. At least not about serious stuff.

Sorry about the color coding, but I figured it might help people reading this keep tabs on who's doing what, without me giving names. It's not my place to divulge who they are on here. Especially not with this subject matter.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions on what to do now? I still don't know...

julie4daddy34 46F
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3/6/2006 8:57 pm

I dont think I can offer any advice here..sounds like DRAMA..DRAMA..DRAMA to me. I hate drama...

rm_lockestryfe 37M
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3/7/2006 7:26 am

Yeah, I hate drama too, that's why I tried my best not to be in high school... I'm an introvert. I can't help it...

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