Chatting 101 or why some people don't understand how they keep getting turned down...  

rm_lockestryfe 37M
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3/10/2006 1:27 pm

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3/12/2006 10:01 am

Chatting 101 or why some people don't understand how they keep getting turned down...

I must have missed this class. Why is it that every time I go into a chat room on, I see peole saying things like 'I wanna nail you from behind', or ' I'm in east jabumfuck Antarctica lookin for a screw'...

Honestly, it's the same as I've said about the blogs. But here's something different. Some people don't understand why they get turned down so often. It wouldn't be because of the way you come across when you tell people flat out in a public chat room that you wanna fuck them? There are private chat rooms, paging system, and instant messenger systems provided by this website for that.

I go into the Philly/Tri-state chat room and a few others, say 'Hi all', get ignored, and then watch the screen scroll as all these guys, and yes they are mostly guys, go on and try to hook up with ladies who are obviously not looking for a person that outgoing, or at least not someone who's so brazen. My problem is that I'm not brazen enough. I say 'Hi' and then sit back and wait for a response. Very hard to get into a convo that way. Most people spam the shit out of it. IT'd be like me going in there and saying '25/m/Pittsburgh looking for some fun tonight!!!' over and over again, because... (wait for it...) no one is answering!

We are all adults here, are we not? Then why are these adults acting like little children who need their mommies to wipe their asses? IF you've sent the same message 20+ times, and no one has respnded, then no one will respond, try again later. Or come up with a different tack.

I'm not saying I'm perfect either, hence the whole, getting ignored thing. Does anyone out there have any advice for those who are too brazen, or not brazen enough? What exactly should be said, and How many times should one repeat themselves?

Any feedback would be great, talk to yinz lata...

meerkittykat 43F

3/10/2006 2:06 pm

Oh my.....

Well, there are probably many reasons men (although yes, sometimes women) resort to the "Wanna fuck?" come-on. 1. They haven't had a meaningful sexual experience in 20 years 2. They're 12 year old boys secretly on dad's puter 3. It always works on thier blowup doll.....I could go on and onnnnnnn

Also doesn't hurt that the M/F ratio on this site is around 5:1.

But my advice, find someone that piques your interest, and just notice what they're talking about, and strike up convo. Going back to the M-F ratio thing, women can wait for men to approach them and choose. You laying back are very likely to not get noticed. Take the initiative, and show her something different.

Luck to ya

sassybelle21 33F  
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3/11/2006 7:35 am

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