localfantasy 45M
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4/5/2006 4:01 pm

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5/6/2010 10:22 am


WHY Is it always me,
That deals with insanity,
As I meet people for passion or Lust,
Most of them I cannot even Trust.

Why can they not be honest,
With deceit this relationship will be Tarnish,
If I can not trust you,
How do expect this relationship to be true.

Why, when you have a Man that can't satisfy you,
You come for me for an ORGASM or two..
That I do not mind if you keep me well inform,
now you have your boyfriend Angry as a STORM..

Why not just tell me you had a Boyfriend,
Now he wants my life to End.
I am not scared of him or what he does.
I just feel bad, you, I cannot TRUST...


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