loadeddice05 45M
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5/7/2006 8:08 am

I was reading a recent post and saw a guy saying his fantasy would be to eat one girl out while one rode him. That's all great and It is fun. But threesomes are way overrated! Usually more so from guys who havn't done this!! My experience is that I enjoyed watching my girl do it, more than I myself!!

Men who have done this are at an advantage over men who haven't! We know it's all overblown and the reality isn't as "special". Now!! I' won't ever turn it down, but my current girl isn't being pushed into it!! Like my previous ones! Maybe it's lost it's allure? For me anyways!!

Do you ladies feel like your boyfriend, husband, fuck buddies are hoping you'll break down and full fill their perverted fantasies? Or have you done this? Is it as good for a woman??

I did almost have heart attack one time after!! But I think it was that the girls slipped me a mickey and just wanted to really take advantage of me!!!!! LOL!!!!

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