loadeddice05 45M
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5/7/2006 7:16 am

Written listening to my boy(sarcasm)great president Bush an CNN! Oh! What a fine king we have?? Anyways!!

I got some yesterday!! And it wasn't all bad? Every once in a while my g.f's ass looks pretty good! And last night? MNNNN! Well let's be honest ANY ass would have been fine! LOL!!

When I say ass! I mean ass literally. See anal plays an important part in our relationship! It provides hours of fun and minus the smell is rather a fine place to keep your car keys!!

Anyways!! Nah! really, she took one for tha' team. This is usaually a thing she spend some time getting ready for. So she's clean! I could care less. That's what showers are for!

Anyways!!! Anal, anal, anal what's the fixation?? I don't know? Is it the taboo? It's really not anymore! In fact, isn't anal something pretty routine nowadays?? Most of the girlfriends I've had enjoyed and were open to it. Funny though I did have one girlfriend named Shelly who was not havin it! Actually she almost ran out of bed! LOL!!!!! So funny! Picture Shaggy and Scoobey popping up in tha' air and wheels spinning ready to take off!! Haa! Haa! I was a little surprised! She liked the rimming. LOL!!! POUDING LIKE A CHAMP!! hey that could be my new handle?????

Guess it's not for everyone?? I know I'm not takin it!! That's another thing what's up with all the straight guys liking it?? Ouch!!!! That's gay!!!

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