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8/19/2006 12:20 am
Lo_OP's DOG's A G~

To: Aphrodite,

Sex less, loverless, what more do you want to delete from my life? I have been under this situation for a while and for a good reason, but it's about time that I start moving on. And tonite is it!
As you can see, I'm good looking, intelligent, and compassionate romantist with multi-talented faucets. And regarding my sexual performance, you'll have to test it yourself (for your pleasurable level and metronomix!). But the main thing is that I am going to have fun tonite for sure whether whichever realm I or you will soar. Wanna join me and burn the house down? Then search! Yes, tonite is the night, 08/19/06 at Why Not. Lo_opmix & Mickey Beer

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