babbling and rambling  

lksxalot2 49F
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4/20/2006 10:50 am
babbling and rambling

not much going on today....last night i had a few interesting conversations with men from this site...i'm not good at just saying i'm not interested lol..i should be i guess...that way no one's time is wasted...but some of these guys won't take no for an anwer...but what's the point of meeting someone you know you have nothing in common with or have any kind of chemistry with??..then there are the ones you wish you could meet in 5 minutes lol...i think that's the hard part...wyoming is so spread out that to meet someone usually requires a little planning and time...ok i am not trying to be picky here...but if i'm chatting with a guy and ask him about his member...and he says he doesn't know what it looks like?? that's not a good sign...i like confident men...that know everything there is to know about their own else can they teach me what they like?...if you answer that you dont' know...i'm not going to be interested...i'm not a teacher lol...well..i could be with the right person i guess lol...

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