Slow change  

lkn4lvrdelmarva 53M
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5/2/2006 8:10 pm
Slow change

I'm down to aggravated now, which is an improvement from last night. Still having some trouble with e-mail going out, but I managed to get one out to someone I wanted to get back to. The other one I'll try tomorrow (well, more likely Thursday - ballgame to see tomorrow night.)

It's interesting, the choices I have. A lot better than I was doing elsewhere (not to say the name, but it would be "an object similar to a lighter".com which is pretty much a waste of money IMHO.) Must be the blog thing.

But I think I got a good pointer from the helper folks here, never realized it was that sensitive to how I accessed the site. That has seemed to help some as far as my problem - it's not completely gone but better.

Anyway, just wanted to give the blogger world an update.

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