Now we're starting to move the needle a bit...  

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4/20/2006 7:06 pm
Now we're starting to move the needle a bit...

The one thing I like about having this blog (geez, I'm up to three now - would someone think I like jotting down my thoughts?) is that I can use it to supplement and add to my profile. It's like the main profile is the wide brushstrokes and this blog gives me the opportunity to use the rest of my palette for small details.

I took an opportunity to look at a couple of the other blogs and I liked one in particular (GossipJunkie), hers is nicely written. She's not too far up the road in Kent County - of course, anywhere in Delaware is not far up the road when you live 5 miles from its southern border. There's another I'll likely comment on once I finish up with mine, I think it's called [blog VixenXandria's]. If I'm wrong or screw up the nomenclature in citing them, sorry!

If there's one thing that I like in a woman, it's the ability to communicate well in the written word. Sometimes I feel like when I talk I come across as "duh city" but I know I can write well, great English grades in HS and college along with the opportunity to contribute to a national web newsletter on occasion tell me so.

I suppose since I have the forum going, I want to share my feelings about sex; or as I prefer to think of it, making love. There have been opportunities for me in the past to basically pick women I barely knew up, either in a bar or from the internet. Can't say I performed exceptionally well on all those occasions, and I think it's because I had nothing to build on from the relationship. We were just two horny people - she wanted my dick, I wanted her pussy. Strictly physical.

Now, some guys have no problem with that and if that's the way they want to play, good for them. Some women are the same way, they just want to have a guy for a night and move on to the next the following night. I just can't do that, I suppose I have a bit of the "knight in shining armor" in me. It's likely going to take me some time in at least talking to the lady online or through e-mail before I build up the passion to want to consummate a relationship.

I had one like that years ago, she and I lived 4 hours apart so we were forced to chat online and exchange frequent e-mails for a couple months. When she finally arrived at my house, I found out that she was worth the wait. I was making lunch when she arrived, we ate lunch downstairs and had our dessert upstairs! We had enough pent-up passion for each other that it made for a great snowed-in weekend and we couldn't wait for another chance.

Well, I'm not sure I'll be online before the weekend is over. Look for me at "Beast of the East" and "Pork in the Park", I think I'll wear my 2005 BotE shirt Saturday. Maybe I'll meet an AdultFriendFinder lady there, let me know you like the AdultFriendFinder blog.

Think I'll wrap this up. If I do decide to write in my LJ blog after I wrote on my other website, to make a bad pun, it'll be a Three Blog Night. (I had to do it.)

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