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lkn4lvrdelmarva 53M
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6/24/2006 6:59 pm
Joining the group

I came across an interesting group tonight. There's a member named Shelly Marie (who also blogs) and she seems to be the social director of the Eastern Shore folks. (I like that personally.)

And to prove I'm not a bad sport, I did e-mail her a few days back and she'd said she wasn't interested in me...well, at least not as a lover. (Maybe I'm saying that wrong, I dunno.) But she's accepted the network invite so she's among my five friends. And that's how I came across the group.

I did drop one friend tonight after I read she had over 100,000 friends. My jaw dropped on that one...all she must do all day is be on AdultFriendFinder and fuck (and pose for pix of her sucking cock once in awhile.) I'm not looking for that sort of lady, that's beyond the pale.

But I did send another e-mail to someone who I found interesting. Not sure if I'll get any results but it doesn't hurt to ask does it?

Back to the lady with 100,000 friends. I'm sure she's fashioning herself as an amateur porn star but it's sort of strange, she almost forces it too much for my tastes.

On occasion I do watch the video feeds online, and my favorite ones are getting to watch couples who obviously care for each other making love. I just don't see that in a normal porno picture or movie, to them fucking is just a job they do. To me it goes back for actually caring for the woman you're with - not just caring that she got to cum too (and I certainly want to help the lady achieve that peak) but how her day went, what she thinks about stuff, and her desires in (and out of) the bedroom. Someone I can hang with.

So I have 4 folks right now I chat or e-mail with who I've gotten to know through AdultFriendFinder. (Only met one lady and if you read this frequently you know how that went.) And I think I'd enjoy the company of any of them outside the bedroom as well, but only time will tell how these things develop.

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