Another suitor  

lkn4lvrdelmarva 53M
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5/5/2006 11:06 pm
Another suitor

I've finally gotten my e-mail fixed to a point where I can write back and forth easily enough. I've ended up with three nice ladies writing notes to me, mainly because either I saw their profiles or they saw mine. So they have all been responded to as a good conscientious person should. I suppose if I had 50 that might be tougher, but I'm not a woman on this site.

Was supposed to meet one of my e-mailers tomorrow, but that fell through. I'm trying to set something up for next week with her.

So I think I can sort of watch and wait now to see what happens next. I may get more e-mails and that would be fine, one can never have enough e-mail pals. Tomorrow I'll do the job I was looking for the company for and probably check back here, not much else to do for now.

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