We have a lot in common...  

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9/6/2006 6:14 pm
We have a lot in common...

What does "we have a lot in common" mean exactly??? Let's see...how many things in "common" can I have with some of the guys that write me here on AdultFriendFinder??? Other than the obvious since we're on a sex site...sex, what do I have in common with most of the guys that send me notes/respond to my ad?????

1) Age - 95% of the guys that write me are way younger than I care to venture forth and meet. I've put on my profile that I'm NOT interested in younger guys, but most guys don't bother to read that little part or care to ignor it, doesn't apply to them specifically, so I took it off of my profile, easier to just delete the mail than try to think that someone actually reads what you put in your profile...I can assure you "I" have no interest in men under the age of 45...just does absolutely nothing for me, doesn't excite me or intrigue me...no, does nothing for me...so the age factor is something we definitely DON'T have in common.

2) Benefits - I make it clear in my profile that while I'm seeking "sexual" benefits. I enjoy sexual benefits but I'm quite clear about the added benefits that I enjoy and desire...at my age I don't have to settle for just the benefit of sex...it is about a little more to me. For the most part, 99% of guys that respond to my ad have only read the "benefits" part and don't delve into what kind of benefits other than their assumption of sexual benefits...which is fine...after all we're on a "sex" site, right????

3) No strings-attached...come on, aren't we all seeking to get together with someone that will be available at the drop of a hat and expect NOTHING in return other than to get the pure physical gratification that one can enjoy when fucking? Someone that will fuck on command...hey what a novel idea, huh?????

4) Location/Travel. I don't travel to meet anyone, they need to travel to me...and quite honestly I don't understand why a guy would want to "hook up" with a gal that is more than an hour's drive from where he lives...I realize that for some a 2 hour drive is not out of the question, especially if they enjoy the lifestyle of living way far out in the country...but come on, why would I be interested in someone that lives over 100 miles away? Why would someone that far away be interested in me? Although I will admit the distance factor is pretty attractive if you're wanting to have some hot sex not too close to home...at least the distance factor gives one a little more advantage that you won't run into that person at a local social function...

5) Availability. Okay, this one really cracks me up...I work a fulltime day job, gainfully employed some would call it. I pay my own bills and thus the need to be employed on a fulltime basis is necessary. This means that I am NOT available during the work day, during the work week. Do you know how many men want to get together during the day? Hell yes I'd like to have a little fuck and suck before I head to the office...hard core reality, I don't like to be late to work, I don't like to fuck off half the work day when I have deadlines and such looming...I'm a realist with a real life...I'm not all caught up in the fantasy of fucking...Wow, do you know how many married guys are ONLY available during the work day????? Does make one wonder who's minding the office!!!!!

So, my curiosity always bends a bit farther than the average gal...I wonder how much in common a guy would think he has with me if he really read my profile, checked out my "link" to another site, another profile...really read further and discovered some of my kinky proclivities...I wonder how many would really THINK they have that much in common with me???? I can assure you that there are a few men out there that thoroughly and completely enjoy the kinky delights that I can indulge with the right partner...but very few are that secure and actually have that much in common with me...for the most part best to remain "vanilla" and let the fun unfold as it will...

So, what do "we" have in common other than we're on a sex site???? I do find it amusing and even entertaining when guys write to me and tell me that "we" have some of the same things in common...I'm always curious as to exactly what they are reading, what they interpret as the commonality.

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