Traffic Violation  

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Traffic Violation

I don't know where my mind was that was definitey not on the speedometer. Shit the flashing lights in my rearview mirror, how long had the cop been back there? I quickly put on my blinker and pulled to the side of the road. Good grief, how fast was I going? I have got to pay better attention!!!
I got my driver's license and insurance verification ready and rolled down my window. I just hate getting pulled over, makes me a nervous wreck. My heart was in my throat even though I knew that the only violation I would have was the speeding infraction. My driver's license was current as was my insurance.
"Good Morning, Ma'am. Do you know how fast you were going?" the officer asked when he was beside me at my window.
"No, office, I honestly don't know how fast I was going," I replied.
"Driver's License and Insurance," he said. I handed them to him.
"I'm going to check these out, please remain in the vehicle until I return," he instructed me. He took my license and insurance verification back to his vehicle. I sat there and waited. There didn't seem to be much traffic on this was mid-morning and I guess I thought there would be more traffic buzzing by but then I was grateful that there wasn't as it was embarressing to have been pulled over. Shit, I needed to pay more attention to my speed but my mind had been wondering to the naughty, nasty fun I would be having over the weekend.
The officer seemed to be taking a long time. Surely there wasn't a problem...maybe he got another call and was going ahead and writing my ticket up so he could be on his way.
"Ma'am, I'm going to have to ask you to step out of your vehicle and over here," the officer said when he returned. He was a nice looking man, probably in his late 30s, early 40s. He had on his dark glasses and trooper hat. How freaky was this? Asking me to get out of my car, this had NEVER happened before. I was really unnerved now. I undid my seatbelt and opened my car door to get out. He held the door for me and I got out. He motioned for me to go to the back of my car.
"Is there a problem, Officer?" I asked. He followed me to the back of the car.
"There seems to be an outstanding warrant for you Ms. Linden. Place your hands on the trunk of the car, please," he replied. Put my hands on the trunk? Oh my God, an outstanding warrant??? My mind was racing, how could this be?
I did as I was told, placing my hands on the trunk of the car. It was a warm early summer morning and the heat of the day was starting to bear down on us here on this deserted stretch of highway. I could feel beads of sweat forming all over my body, especially between my legs...oh no, surely I wasn't getting aroused??? But there was no denying the moisture forming between my legs...I wasn't wearing any panties as I was wearing a comfortable sundress...though I was wearing a bra, it was starting to get wet from the sweat that was forming from both the heat and my nervousness.
I felt the officer's hands on my arms...he was going to feel my up...Oh My God, now how in the world was I supposed to maintain my composure if he was going to pat me down, feel me up...oh my God. His hands were big and strong...he reached my shoulders and his touch almost felt like a firm massage...his hands went under my arms and I felt him feeling under my tits, under my bra...then down to my waist...then down...the skirt of my dress was fairly full and I felt him reach the hem and then his hands went up under my dress...oh he would definitely feel the moisture between my legs if he...yep, he did!!!!
I let out a gasp at his touch...he felt my ample ass, his hands moving quickly...then down each of my legs...oh my gawd, how could I not be turned on by this????
Then I heard him take out his handcuffs and he pulled one of my wrists behind my back and then the other...I was too shocked at what was transpiring mixed with the excitement of one of my fantasies actually coming/cumming true...
"Step back to my car, Ms. Linden," the officer instructed me, tugging at my cuffed wrists, pulling me gently to his patrol car...he opened the back door of the back seat. "Please get in." I did as I was told, trying not to loose my balance as I positioned myself to get in his car...but being a gal that is easily off balanced I stumbled and fell into the backseat...the hem of my dress flying up to reveal my bare, ample ass and now glistening wet pussy. Oh shit, I had just exposed my whole ass/pussy to this officer...shit I hope he wasn't offended...
I felt his hands on my legs and ass, almost as though he was helping me to assume a...a position. I felt his fingers touching my pussy...oh shit, I was so turned onm he was touching me, touching my pussy!!! Then his hands were on each side of my hips...he was turning me over to my back...
"Maybe you'd like to show me how sorry you are for speeding in my district," the officer said in a quiet voice. "Looks to me like you're enjoying being cuffed and placed in the patrol car."
"I...uh, I'm sorry for speeding, Officer. I honestly wasn't paying attention to how fast I was going. I don't know what you mean by showing you how sorry I am but I'm willing to do whatever you think I need to do to help myself out," I told him. He had me on my back, my arms pulled behind me...I was in a bit of a helpless position to say the least...he then pulled my legs apart and while my dress hem was already up exposing my lower body, he pushed it up to reveal my bra...then he took out a pocket knife and cut the front of the bra to release my tits, my nipples were so hard and pert from my excitement...his hands cupped my tits and he was practically on top of me now.
He took first one nipple in his mouth and then the other...I gasped and moaned, I was so fucking hot. I could tell he was turned on, or maybe that was his revolver sticking into my belly...he then moved down, kissing my naked body all the way down to between my legs...
He raised up for a minute and I watched as he took his gun belt off, then unzipped his pants...he had thrown his hat on the floor board of the backseat...he was holding my legs open with his body positioned between pussy was so fucking hot...I could hardly believe this was happening...I had always fantasized about an officer, a complete stranger stopping me and taking me to the backseat of his car...
His hard cock popped right out of his pants, he had a VERY nice sized cock, thick and already leaking pre-cum...Oh how I wanted to take that piece of manmeat in my mouth...he then got back between my legs, only this time his face was positioned to where he could take a taste of my womanly delights...and he did just that...his mouth was incredible, his tongue sooooo wicked...he had me moaning and groaning...
"Please fuck me," I hips were thrusting up into his face, I wanted his whole mouth, tongue, face inside of me...I REALLY wanted his hard cock inside of me....I don't know how long he ate my was so fucking heavenly...then he stopped and stood up...he grabbed my legs and pulled me out of the car.
"Get down on your knees and suck me," he commanded. I loved it, I fell to my knees and couldn't gobbled that hard cock fast enough...he was leaking pre-cum pretty good by now...he started moving in and out of my mouth, fucking my wicked little mouth. I worked my tongue around the rim and then poking it in the eye of his cock...then I licked and sucked down the rigid shaft to his smoothly shaved balls...I licked and sucked each ball, he was thrusting forward and lost in my tender oral ministrations...
Then just as suddenly as he had pulled me out of the car, he pushed my head back from his cock and pulled me up to my feet...then he pushed me into the backseat to where I was half in the car but my ass was raised up enough to be fully exposed...I felt his hard cock pressing at my pussy lips from behind.
"This is what you want, isn't it? You want me to fuck you don't you naughty girl?" the officer said to me as I felt his cockhead push into my hot, wet pussy.
"Yes, please, fuck me, Sir," I begged. And he began to push all the way into me...
"Oh my God that feels good," I moaned. "Fuck me!!" And he did, his strokes were slow and easy, making sure he got his cockmeat into me fully...I could feel his smooth balls pressing against my ass checks...oh shit that felt soooo good...He quickened his pace, he pushed all the way to the inner wall of my pussy...I could feel his cockhead starting to swell...I did my best to raise my pussy and ass up for him to have total access...I was so turned on, his cock was so great...
"You ready for my load?" he asked as his pace quickened even more...
"Yes, Sir, please...please fuck me, give me your load," I replied. I felt him jerk a bit and then his hot load of cum filling me, filling my hungry wet pussy...he came and came, his load of cum filling my pussy and overflowing...I could feel the trickles of our comingling juices running down the insides of my legs...then he pulled out, still squirting his cumload...he then took a finger and inserted it into my asshole...and then his cockhead poised for entry...he pushed his spewing cock into my tight asshole and continued to cum in me...I screamed and squealed, I couldn't stop cumming myself...
He held onto my hips until the last tremors of his orgasm subsided. Then he pulled me up to where he could unlock the cuffs on my wrists...they were sore from my struggling as he fucked me...but it was a good sore. I would relish this soreness for a while. He helped me sit up while he pulled up his pants and adjusted himself, put on his gun belt and hat. Then he extended a hand and helped me out of the car.
"Now, you slow down. Pay attention to your driving, my dear," he told me in a stern voice. Then he pulled me into him and kissed me hard on the mouth.
"Yes, Officer, I will do my best to pay better attention. Thank you for getting me off so well," I told him with a smile. He watched as I went and got back in my car. I put on my seatbelt and looked in my rearview mirror. He was waiting for me to start my car and pull out...I smiled again as I put on my sunglasses and waved to him as I pulled out onto the highway...Wow, what a way to work out of a traffic ticket!!!!

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Whew! So hot. I was really scared that you were getting a ticket!

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