The Tickle Box  

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9/4/2006 6:10 am

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The Tickle Box

I had a recent experience where my lover somehow pushed the tickle button of my pussy while eating and fingering my pussy...Oh my Gawd, what an experience!!!

My friend was eating my pussy in that most incredible way, licking it and flicking his tongue to bring me optimal pleasure...I could feel my orgasm building, building...oh so delicious for sure...and then right when I started cumming he shifted and I'm not really sure how, what or why he did what he did but oh my gawd, just as the orgasm started crashing down on me, I felt an uncontrollable laugh come running out and oh my goodness he was tickling my pussy with his mouth and fingers until I pushed his head and hands off of me...I was laughing so hard, which caused him to laugh as well...he grabbed the bottle of lube and coated his fabulously hard cock and then told me to come there and back that pussy up to him...which I was laughing so hard I could hardly move...

When he touched my hips to climb onboard I jumped and he started laughing again as well...but that didn't stop him from fucking me...he stuck that hard cockmeat right into my laughing pussy...and started fucking me good...I started cumming again and laughing which caused my pussy muscles to contract and work his cock...

It didn't take my friend long to cum as the contractions of my pussy massaged and milked his was an awesome orgasm, very powerful and wonderful...I mean wow, laughing while you cum...can't think of a better way to cum!!!!

HornyMAN000 41M

9/4/2006 7:15 am

Very nice post

Reeducer 68M

9/4/2006 2:15 pm

Dear Liza, OMG your stories are about driving me crazy. My ladyfriend is outrageously ticklish when I even get near her pussy lips or the inside of her thighs. However, until she can contain her ticklishness a little, she hasn't let me eat her. I'll keep trying. You have wonderful posts. Exquisite.

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