The Sybian Experience  

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7/16/2006 5:48 pm

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The Sybian Experience

I finally got to experience the Sybian Fucking Machine. Needless to say I was disappointed but I think I put on a good show. I'm not a big toy gal...I have a lot of sex toys, I love to collect sex toys but I don't use them that often to masturbate here I was with the Cadilac of Sex Machines, The Sybian.

Nothing like a group party to make things even more interesting. I don't mind playing, performing in front of others, just wasn't sure how it would be on this ultimate sex machine.

So, there was one guy operating the Sybian, he sat in front of me and the machine. I got to pick the size of the dildo attachment that I got to ride...there were three sizes, I chose the smallest one as it seemed close enough to one of my own personal toys. The other two sizes were considerably bigger...but the fullness of my pussy never has had anything to do with my abilty to climax...and since the dildos were not curved to hit the "G" spot, I wanted to at least be comfortable and not stuffed. A condom and lubricant was placed in the dildo attachment and I climbed on board.

Another male friend was behind me, rubbing and massage my back, he knew where all the wonderful erogenous zones were and I REALLY enjoyed his hands...the friend operating the speed of the Sybian turned it on and the humming began...there was a little sensation in my clit is so tiny that it didn't meet the little clitoral nodules that are on the front of the dildo attachment...the dildo attachment spun around and around, different speeds, nothing really exciting...the vibrations were interesting but the hands massaging my back, ass cheeks, thighs, neck, tits...that was exciting and felt oh so good...

What went on between my legs, in my pussy while I was on the Sybian?...well, not really felt interesting, there were the vibrations which the friend operating the controls sped up and slowed down...I tried to get a handle on things in my pussy...but there was little sensation...I was glad I had put some clit cream on before I got on the Sybian, which helped provide a more enjoyable feeling...(Note, I LOVE my new clit cream...
(I think it's called X-Cream, it is awesome to say the least!!)...vibrating but honestly, my new King Tut II vibrator gave me more exciting and interesting sensations than the Sybian did...I had hoped I would enjoy the Sybian, I have friends that have talked about buying one but after this experience I just don't see all the hype!!!

Of course I watched as some of the other gals at the party climbed on board and had their turn on the Sybian..only one gal really got off on it...she orgasms pretty easily anyway and has a much larger clit than I was fun to watch the other gals on was fun to be on it and suck a cock while the other friend massaged me.

I can now say I've experienced The Sybian. I wasn't impressed...actually I was disappointed, I had really hoped The Sybian would be all and more that it was hyped up to be...but like all other sex toys, what rocks one gal's world is another disappointment!!!!

GraspCrownRusts 47M
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7/17/2006 9:55 am

Now take a poll of the guys in the room and see how they liked your experience on the The phrase " least look good doing it" floated into my head just then.

But if it don't do it for ya, then no sense messing with it. Sounds like the party was a rocking good time though...

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