The Office Tease  

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3/29/2006 4:38 pm

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The Office Tease

We had flirted and teased each other all day long. I could hardly stand myself I was so hot and ready to be fucked. My attorney friend seemed to turn up everywhere I went in the firm all day long.

If I went to make copies, he was walking by the copy area...if I went to the women's restroom by his office he would be out in the hall or talking to another attorney in the hallway...if I went to talk to one of my attorneys he was walking by their office...not surprising that we would see each other that much during a work day but for some reason I couldn't help but notice how much we really did see of each other all day long.

He sent me an email late in the day to meet him in the north stairwell in about fifteen minutes. There was a women's restroom in the stairwell that you had to have a key to access it. Very few of the firm's women used that restroom...I guess that's why I liked it...I usually was the only one that used it some days.

I needed to make copies and felt like that was a good excuse to be over in that particular end of the building. I waited and watched the time and then made my way over there. I took the key to the restroom and just as the door closed behind me in the stairwell my friend appeared. He took me in his arms and kissed me full on the mouth. Our mouths opened and our tongues tangoed...I pulled away and fumbled with the key in the lock...I was so hot, so ready...

We locked the door from the inside and he pushed me against the cold tile wall. He pulled up the hem of my dress and put his hand on my pussy through my crotchless pantyhose...I was dripping wet as he inserted his fingers.

"Damn you're wet, Baby!!! Have you been thinking of me sticking this hard cock in you all day long?" he asked as he pulled my dress up to allow him access to my bra which he pulled a cup aside and devoured my nipple...the temp in my pussy went up 10 degrees and I felt my juices beginning to run down his fingers and my hose covered legs...I undid his belt and trouser zipper and his very erect cock sprung forth. He turned me around and pushed me against the wall again...I felt his cock head between my legs...I moved back slightly to bend over and allow him full access to my pussy from behind.

He entered me in a split second...we were both so hot and turned on...not to mention the thought of someone catching us just spurred us on even more...he pounded my pussy, and I met his every stroke...gawd his hard cock felt so good in my pulsing, wet pussy...I could feel his balls slapping my pussy lips with each incredible thrust...I was matching and meeting each stroke, harder and harder, faster and faster...

"Here you go Baby, here's that boiling load I've been building for you all day," and he gave me a big thrust and I felt his load exploding deep inside of me...I couldn't help myself I gave into my own waves of ecstasy...I came hard and my juices were just running out of me down onto the tile floor...

We both finally stopped pulsing and throbbing...his limp cock finally fell out of my cum filled pussy. We gathered ourselves and washed up. I took some paper towels and cleaned up the floor...oh my, I needed that.

He kissed me again before we unlocked the door. He hurried on out and I lingered there, composing myself. I washed my hands again with cold water and leaned against the vanity. Gawd I loved these office quickies...sure made the work day much more rewarding and bearable!!!

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