The Great Outdoors  

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The Great Outdoors

I’m not an “outdoorsy” kind of gal. Give me a nice hotel, room service, in-hotel spa and I’m in my element. Every now and then though, I do venture forth into the great outdoors…mind you not far, just walking/hiking on a friend’s acreage…secluded, yet still in touch with civilization.

It was a late winter/early spring afternoon. The day was cloudy but in the low 60s temperature wise. I decided to head out to check out the lay of the land of my friend’s place. He was busy doing something in his big barn, woodwork or something of that nature…guy stuff in my book. I put on some sweatpants, a long sleeve t-shirt a job bra underneath, thick socks, hiking boots and a hooded sweatshirt just to make sure I didn’t get chilled. There was a light south breeze, a hint of rain in the air, very humid actually.

I headed out across the yard, through the barb wired fence to the pasture. I wanted to check out the area where the twin oaks were perched. Off I went, enjoying the day, enjoying the peace and quiet of nature.

It never takes long for my mind to drift to thoughts of nastiness…and I found myself walking along reveling in the wonders of nature…crunching along the fallen fall/winter leaves of brown strewn over the land…every now and then a hint of green would appear, spring was not too far off…the trees were bare, some still had a few brown, dried up leaves hanging on…and yet there I was trudging along and thinking of my nipples and pussy…

I thought what the hell, no one was around, I could touch myself…I reached up under my layers of shirts…to the elastic of my jog bra, under the job bra till I felt my nipple. My nipple grew hard immediately from my touch. I felt an immediate pleasure surge to my pussy tweaking my own nipple. I stopped and massaged my tit, pinching my nipple, relishing the pleasure chills running throughout my body…what would it hurt if I found a nice place to sit and play with my pussy as well? Kind of different…exciting to sit out here in the woods and play with myself…no one would see me…but then wonder if someone did see me…that would be nasty…

I pulled my hand out of my bra and shirts and decided to find a place to sit…a place I could sit and pull my sweatpants down and finger myself…I could feel my juices beginning to form between my legs…I started forming a nasty story in my head, which just fueled my excitement. I was envisioning being out in the woods, just walking along when a stranger would come up and “ ” me…of course it was pretend …as horny as I get, one couldn’t consider much “ ” at least not when it came to sex…I chuckled to myself thinking of what a damned nasty gal I was…

I found an area by the creek…there was a large rock with leaves all around it…the bare tree limbs provided some cover but not much…just perfect for my masturbatory indulgence. I looked around to see if I was, indeed, totally alone. I pulled down my sweatpants, the cool air making me even more aware of my hot pussy…I pulled my sweatshirt off and pulled my t-shirt up and my jog bra just above my tits…the tightness of the jog bra made my tits jut out further, my nipples already pert and hard from my growing excitement.

I reached down between my legs to find a full measure of wetness already formed…no need for lube with this juicy, wet pussy. I placed my sweatshirt on the rock and decided what the hell, I took my sweat pants completely off so I could really spread my legs and get at my pussy…I laid them on the rock next to me…I sat down and closed my eyes, touching my pussy with one hand…finding my very hard, erect clit…smearing my juices over my clit and finger, I shivered with excitement as I found the exact spot on my little clit that spurs the pleasure on…I cupped one of my tits in the other hand as I began to stroke myself…I felt so exposed, so nasty out there in the open like that…outside, out in the woods, masturbating myself…I started finger fucking myself, my hips thrusting up a bit to meet my finger strokes…I was totally engrossed in myself, the pleasure I was giving myself…so much so that I didn’t hear the leaves rustling as someone approached…

All of a sudden someone had come up behind me and grabbed me…A hood of some sort was placed on my head and my arms were yanked behind me…there I was half naked, my legs spread with my pussy juices covering my hands…I felt rope being tied just above my elbows and pulled tight behind me…almost painful…then my wrists were quickly bound…

“Who are you? Please, I promise to cooperate,” I heard myself saying. There was a SHHHH in my ear and then I was pushed down onto the ground, my bare ass up in the air…I couldn’t see through the hood that was now covering my head…I started to panic, what would my friend say if I didn’t return in a while…would he come looking for me? I wanted to scream, panic was beginning to take over…I heard nothing but leaves rustling around me, then hands on my hips, pulling them up and then a hand between my legs…I felt violated but excited all at the same time…then I was mad at myself for feeling excitement…the thought crossed my mind that whoever this was, he might really “ ” me!!!

I felt a rough hand feeling between my legs, I was practically eating dirt at this point, the position this person had me in…he seemed to be a large man, but then I really couldn’t tell…then I was being pulled up by my arms…I was then placed roughly on the rock in a sitting position and my legs held open…almost to the point of being painful…I felt my shirt and jog bra being forced further up to my neck…and then rough hands on my tits…rubbing me hard, squeezing each tit painfully and then each nipple being painfully pinched with large fingers…

I felt jean covered legs in front of me keeping my legs spread very wide apart…I could feel the cool air hitting my very open and exposed, excitement swollen pussy…then the hands on my tits went between my legs…this person said nothing but went about exploring my half naked body in a rough manner…I was pulled up by the hood and then something was being shoved at my lips…oh my gawd, this was a cock that was about to be forced into my mouth…there was a wide mouth opening and this cock, this fat, thick cock was rubbing my lips…there was a hard slap and the man grunted for me to open my mouth and take the cock…I did as I was told, reeling from the slap…my mouth opened and the thick cock was shoved into my mouth…I felt myself panic, I could hardly breath…this was a VERY thick cock, taking up all of my mouth…I could hardly move my tongue around this cock…

“Suck it bitch, suck that cock,” came the order. I began to suck and run my tongue around the parts I could manage…the voice wasn’t familiar at all…this really was a stranger…in the back of my mind I really thought it was my friend, that he had decided to surprise me, follow me and play with me…but now I wasn’t sure at all who this man was that had me tied up and now sucking his cock…my pussy great wetter…damn, how could I consider this a if I was getting turned on by the second? Was I just so damned nasty that I couldn’t even reject an unwanted advance…but was this unwanted? Did I really not want to be taken sexually by this stranger????

The cock was yanked out of my mouth and then I felt it poised at my wet pussy lips…I was being forced back so that the cock could enter my swollen pussy lips…I felt the head of the fat cock pulsing at my pussy lips…then I felt another set of hands and another cock at the lips of my mouth…again I began to freak out…there was another man…I had one cock at my pussy opening and now another one standing over my head getting ready to fuck my mouth…my panic only increased my excitement and I felt my pussy juices running out of my pussy, coating this cockhead poised ready for entrance…and then I felt the cock entering my pussy as the cock poised at my mouth pushed into my mouth…I was being penetrated at both ends at the same time…this just fueled the pleasure fire to an even hotter level.

“This bitch is hot…her pussy is just dripping with excitement,” I heard one voice say…

“Gawd damn she’s got a hungry little mouth…look at her take that cock!” I couldn’t get enough of the two cocks…I was so fucking hot and ready to be fucked…my hips were thrusting up to meet the strokes of the cock that was fucking my pussy…I was like a crazed, bitch dog in heat…I sucked hungrily on the cock in my mouth. I felt hands on my tits, my nipples being pinched…I felt the cock in my mouth starting to tense and then a load of cum shooting deep into my throat almost choking me…I did my best to get every drop…then I felt the cock in my pussy explode and fill my pussy full with it’s load…

I was then pushed forward up and off the rock for a moment, then pushed down into the leaves on the ground, my ass being pulled up and then a rough hand taking my pussy juices and coating my asshole…then a finger was being inserted into my tight little hole…Oh no, surely they weren’t going to fuck me in the ass….then I felt myself tensing up as the finger expanded to two fingers in my asshole…the fingers kept dipping into my cum filled pussy and then inserted into my asshole…I could hear voices but they were muffled and I was trying not to open my mouth because it would be filled with leaves…I could hardly breath and panic was again running through me…then I felt a cock head poised at my tight anal opening.

“Fuck her in the ass…get it opened up and then we’ll DP her,” I heard one of the voices saying…then the cock head pushed into me…the pain was unbelievable…I heard myself screaming and then my ass cheeks were being slapped.

“Take that cock in your ass, bitch!” I heard one of them say…then the cock pushed into me further…I knew I was bucking and doing my best to get away from this ass invasion but the guy was much bigger and stronger and the other guy was holding me in place for this ass fucking…I tried to get a grip on myself…I felt like I was being ripped in two…I kept thinking I’ve got to relax, I’ve got to relax…and I finally started getting a hold of myself…then I felt some cool liquid being poured down my ass crack…I was almost relieved, surely this was some sort of lubricant…I kept saying to myself to relax, relax, it will make it easier…and soon the cock filled my anal canal…I felt fingers caressing my clit and pussy from underneath or behind, I couldn’t tell from the angle they had me positioned…the guy fucking my ass started moving in and out and soon he was fucking my asshole which seemed to be opening up and relaxing, allowing this invasion of my tight hole…and then I felt the cock head swell inside of my bowels and there was a hot gush of liquids filling my asshole…he had cum in my ass…

My pussy was throbbing with excitement…there was no turning off this shameful excitement…I was being brutally and my body was totally betraying me…my pussy had a mind of her own, opening up and receiving these strange cocks…I felt the juices and heat go up another notch as I was pulled up and over the rock…how long were these guys going to have their way with me? How many guys were there? Where was my friend, was he a part of this? Was he there watching them fuck me?

My arms were aching from being tied back so far…but these guys weren’t through with me…the positioned me over the rock…at some point my t-shirt and jog bra were cut off me and I was completely naked there in the woods…I was pushed over the rock onto my clothes, with my ass in the air…my ass hole now gaping open having been violated and filled with a cum load…I then was lifted up and I felt a body slide underneath me on the rock…there was a hard cock that was shoved into my pussy…I was so wet from my own juices that the cock had no trouble penetrating me…then I felt another cock head poised at my gaping asshole…the cock in my pussy was pulsing and throbbing…then I felt a mouth on my nipple and I felt the pleasure currents surge throughout my body…then the cock head at my asshole pushed into me…there was a little pain this time but it was open and ready for penetration this time…I was being Double penetrated…what a terribly nasty site this would be for someone walking up on the scene…

I couldn’t believe I was being double-penetrated by these strangers and all I could think about was I wished like hell someone was getting a movie of this or at least a picture or two with a camera…what kind of woman would think thoughts like that?????? I wanted to SEE what they were doing to me…I loved what they were doing to me….and then there was a cock pushing through my lips…oh my gawd!!!!! In went the cock into my mouth…it was thick and very hard…I gobbled it up like a starved animal…

“This bitch is hot…look at her, she’s made for fucking!!” I heard the guys laughing and carrying on...I didn’t care, I was thoroughly in my element…I wanted nothing more than to be fucked silly by these strangers…I wanted to be penetrated and taken in every position they could come up with…I wanted to cum on them and have them cum all over me…I let the animal instincts kick in and I was a complete bitch in heat…a female animal out to get fucked…I felt hot load after hot load being emptied into my bowels, my pussy, my mouth…then cum was being shot all over my naked body…I felt the sticky cum all over my tits and ass, my legs, my arms…

I was moved and thrown down into the leaves, then shoved back up onto the rock…I couldn’t get enough…I remember being placed on the rock again on my back, my legs being held very wide apart, I was thinking two guys were each holding a leg open…and then I was being held down by my shoulders…I felt a hot breath on my cum coated pussy and then a mouth licking and sucking on my pussy…a tongue was stroking my clit, playing with it, teasing it…it felt so heavenly…I felt fingers in my pussy, playing with it, finger fucking me while the sucking and tongue flicking of my clit continued…I felt my hips thrusting up to fuck this mouth on my pussy…my nipples were being pinched and then a cock was shoved into my mouth and fucking my mouth while someone was fucking my pussy with his mouth…I was about to explode…the final and biggest orgasm was building in me…I had cum in so many little cums at this point that once I had the big cum I thought I would surely pass out…I was on the edge, riding the big wave of excitement…I didn’t want to fall over that edge, wash over the top…the mouth and tongue knew exactly how to work me…I would be just about to cum and it would switch directions of flicking…I was on fire, I was so close, my mind was darting in every direction…I had never felt so alive, so nasty, so fucking hot….

And there it was…I was suddenly falling over the top of the wave of ecstasy…I was choking on the cock that was filling my mouth yet again with cum…I spewed and screamed through the thick jism running out of my mouth and down my cheeks…my hips were wildly thrusting up and I felt the jolts of electricity of my orgasm engulfing my body, causing wave upon wave to overtake me…then there was a cock being shoved into my cumming pussy and I came even harder…I heard myself screaming and bucking…my gawd I came hard!!!!

I must’ve passed out…I didn’t know how long I had laid there or where I was but I was cold…I was naked and on the ground in a pile of leaves…there was a hood still over my head, my arms were still tied behind me…were the men still there, my captors still there waiting for me to come around so they could have another go at me????

“There you are,” I heard my friend say. I felt his hands as they worked to untie the rope that held my arms. “What in the world have you been doing?” He pulled the hood off of my head. It was getting dark…I was sore and scratched up…there was dried sticky cum all over me…my clothes were strewn all over the place…

“If I didn’t know better I would think you were doing a gang bang…look at you all covered in cum!” he said as he helped me get up…oh the aches and pains that were starting to set in.

“I don’t know what happened,” I mumbled.

“Right, sure you don’t. A nasty gal like you here in the woods, naked, tied up and a hood over her head…please, you expect me to believe you didn’t know what happened to you?”

“I…I really am not sure…” I pulled my sweatpants up over my skinned up legs…there were leaves sticking in my hair…leaves stuck to my ass cheeks with dried cum…

“Well, I better get you up to the house and clean you up. Look at you, you look like you were fucked by a whole herd of cocks,” he chuckled as he helped me dress. I finally had on all my clothes, my knees were weak but I managed to walk back to the house…

There on the deck sat 3 guys drinking beer.

“Baby, I want you to meet the guys that helped you be such a nasty girl in the woods.”

rm_samspark 67M
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3/5/2006 11:40 am

DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!DAMN!!!!!!!!!!DAMN!!!!!!!!!it was a pleasure reading this bit of lititure. But do I really think it happened. NO!!!

rm_allinfun46 60M
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3/5/2006 12:25 pm

Another treasure from Liza!!! I love the idea that you consider yourself nasty enough to enjoy something like this. That thought alone makes me hard. I would love to find a harem of women that enjoy being this nasty. But them one as nasty as you would be more than enough, maybe!

Great job!

greatguyintul 56M
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3/5/2006 9:16 pm

It's a good thing it's cold out! All I have to do is open the door to cool off!

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lizalickem4u 59F

3/6/2006 4:29 am

    Quoting rm_samspark:
    DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!DAMN!!!!!!!!!!DAMN!!!!!!!!!it was a pleasure reading this bit of lititure. But do I really think it happened. NO!!!
Guess you would have to know the author and her friend in order to determine if this really happened!!! Those that know me, know that this story is entirely possible. Glad you enjoyed reading.


rm_grummps 73M
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3/7/2006 11:13 am

All I can say is, your friend is a very lucky man.

VIVA ELIZABETH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love grummps x x x

into_the_swing 46M/39F

3/9/2006 12:17 pm

Good lord girl!!! You should write for a living. I am going to have Mr. Swing read this. Oh and we hope to see you 3/18. Smooch you sexy woman!!

rm_frediefred 65M
23 posts
3/9/2006 7:25 pm

Eliz knowing you it was entirely possible. a very great sexy story.


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