The Dinner Meeting  

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The Dinner Meeting

We met promptly at 7:00 p.m. at the designated restaurant. I was excited about meeting another online friend. We had both agreed meeting for dinner and conversation would be an excellent way to see if we wanted to set up more of an intimate meeting in the near future.

My friend had an interest in BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadist, and Masochism and D/s (Dominant/submissive), telling me how he was a “Dom,” a Dominant Man. I reviewed his emails, responded in kind, informed him of my knowledge and experience in both realms and my levels of comfort in all…I had a feeling that this guy talked a good game but when it came down to experience, well, there are many online that have rarely ventured forth into what is referred to as “real time.”

In one of our chats I mentioned that I was much more comfortable in the role of the Dominant Woman and that most of my experience in these lifestyles were in the role of a Domme (Dominant Woman) though I have been in a submissive role and am quite experienced in that role…perhaps we were seeking something totally different.

While I can enjoy the role of a submissive woman with the right man, however my instinct was telling me this man was no Dominant. We chatted a few times on the Instant Messenger and I really couldn’t get into the direction he would try and lead me…I did throw a few things out there of my own and how I would rather just leave the D/s roles out of the picture for the time being. I told him I would be willing to meet for dinner and conversation but would make no further commitment to meet as I really didn’t feel we were connecting or clicking. He said he understood and still wanted to meet as we had discussed for dinner and conversation.

He insisted that I would see his true role when we met. I told him I would remain open-minded but that again, I was not interested in venturing forth into the roles of D/s. While we could discuss some of these things over dinner I still was not interested in a submissive role to his Dominant role.

We had no trouble recognizing each other. He was a bit heavier than the pic he sent…he said I was exactly as my pic portrayed only better. We exchanged pleasantries and was shown to a booth. We continued getting to know each other, ordered dinner. He shared with me his interests in the lifestyles, the women that he had exchanged emails with and chatted with that had really gotten into the roles online.

“Steven, how many women have you actually Dominated in real time…in person?” I finally asked. He looked at me with a blank look, surprised that I would ask such a question.

“Elizabeth, I have Dominated…well, I’ve been with one woman who enjoyed me taking control of our sex play,” Steven finally admitted.

“That’s what I thought,” I said. I looked him straight in the eye.

“You know, I don’t like being lead on. Why do you feel compelled to lie about your level of experience in the D/s roles? Did you think I was like some of the silly women that get all giddy when you write certain things about what you will do to them, how you want them to ‘serve’ you? Maybe you thought you would never really meet someone that has some actual real time experience in all that you profess to be proficient. You need to be disciplined…”

He looked at me and then immediately lowered his eyes.

“Yes, Mistress,” he whispered.
“What? Did you say something Steven?” I snapped.
“Yes, Mistress, I need to be punished,” he said a little louder slightly raising his head and looking to see if anyone at the next table had heard us.
“Look at me Steven, tell me, has your cock been hard since you saw me walking towards you in the parking lot?” I asked. He blushed instantly a bright red…immediately bowing his head.

“Is your cock leaking pre-cum right this very minute? I bet your cock is just throbbing and begging to be released from your underwear isn’t it? But then if you paid attention to our chats when we were chatting about what each of us require of a submissive when meeting for the first time then you remember me telling you that I tell those men meeting me that they are NOT to wear any underwear that I will check for compliance…shall I check for compliance Steven?” I had found him out…definitely busted. He was so submissive, he loved me calling him on it all as well.

“Yes, Mistress, I am leaking pre-cum. Yes, my cock is throbbing as you speak. Yes, Mistress I complied and did not wear any underwear just as you said you instruct those that seek to serve you in their interviews with you. Please Mistress, don’t embarrass me here in the middle of this restaurant,” he begged.

“Stand up and go to the restroom. Turn and face me before you leave the table. I will check to see if you’re leaking pre-cum, to see if you have complied. I don’t care if you’re embarrassed…why in the world would I consider having you serve me, you’re definitely not worthy!!” I quipped. He slowly stood up. His black trousers bulging out of the pleats in front…I worked not to burst out laughing…there was a dark stain of pre-cum blatantly showing. He faced me as I had instructed him and then went to the restroom as I had instructed.

Steven returned a short time later and sat down, eyes lowered.
“I’ve enjoyed meeting you Steven. When you’ve paid for our dinner you can walk me to my car,” I told him.

“Yes, Mistress,” he responded in a quiet voice. He paid our check and we walked out to my car.
“Here it is. Come here Steven, “I instructed him. He stepped closer to me. I grabbed his crotch getting a hold of his still very erect cock. He gasped as I held him tightly, then he looked right and left to see if anyone was watching.

“Afraid someone will see me grabbing your crotch, grabbing your cock?” I hissed at him as I tightened my grip.

“Yes, Mistress,” he replied.
“Get in my car,” I told him as I unlocked the car. He got in the passenger side and I went around and got in the driver’s side.
“Give me your hands,” I ordered. I then took out some thumb cuffs I carry with me in my purse. His eyes grew very wide in amazement but he put both hands forward. I placed the thumb cuffs on each thumb. His breath was catching and I could tell he was extremely excited.

“Now I’m going to take out your cock and play with it Steven,” I told him.
“Oh Mistress, wonder if someone comes up to the car?” he stammered as I reached for his belt and began to unbuckle him.
“I’ll roll down the window and ask if they want to watch me jack you off!” I replied and laughed at him. I unzipped his trousers and his hard cock popped right out. He gasped as I reached for his erection. There was a great quantity of pre-cum gathered on the head of his cock…I took my forefinger and rubbed the pre-cum all over the head and rim…moving my hands to the rigid shaft and slowly working my hand up and down.

“Do you like that Steven? Do you like being such a naughty boy?” I hissed.
“Yes, Mistress, I want only to be your naughty boy,” he replied.
“Yes, you do, don’t you Steven. Well, I’m going to see how quickly I can jack you off…get your cock to give up that load of cum that’s been boiling in your balls all day as you thought about meeting me in person and “Dominating” me,” I told him. His breathing quickened and he sat back fully in the set trying to not squirm…trying to position himself to give me a better angle on his cock. I continued to work him with my hands…then I took the little bottle of warming lubricant from my purse and poured it on my hand and continued to stroke his steel blue hard on.

“You’re not to cum unless you have permission, Steven. You need to tell me if you get close,” I told him.
“Yes, Mistress,” he gasped as I quickened my stroke…I tightened my grip and then eased up, then slowed my stroke down…then I turned and began using my other hand…there were car lights going by every now and then and I noticed that Steven was beginning to let go and give himself to me more and more…
“Look Steven, I think those people are coming over here,” I whispered to him.
“Oh Mistress, no, they mustn’t see what you’re doing to me,” he whimpered.
“I think they are parked right next to my car…I’m not going to stop Steven, I’m going to see if they want to watch you cum all over yourself, shall I roll down the window and ask them?” I whispered in his ear.
“Please no, Mistress…I’m close Mistress, I’m going to cum,” he panted. I took my hand off of his cock and waited for him to compose himself…then just as his cock was about to start going limp I returned both hands to his cock and got right up to his ear again.

“I know you want to show everyone how hard you can cum…don’t you, Steven?” I whispered in his ear.
“Yes, Mistress, I want everyone to watch as you jack me off and I shoot my load,” he replied. I began to increase my grip twisting each hand in a different direction…loose, then tight, up and down then side to side. His hips began to thrust up as though he was trying to fuck my hands…I took one hand and poured more lube on my other hand and continued my stroking…

“Remember Steven, you can’t cum until I give you permission,” I hissed in his ear. I watched and waited as his erection become harder…
“Oh, look Steven, there are some more people…they’re walking this way…”
“Mistress, I’m about to cum…”
“They’re almost to the car…”
“Please Mistress, may I cum?” he begged, his eyes closed, his hips thrusting up trying to fuck my hands, trying to meet my stroke…
“No, Steven, you can’t,” I told him and increased the speed of my hands.
“PLLLLLLLLEEEASE, Mistress,” he begged a little louder, shaking his head back and forth, his eyes tightly closed.
“I want to wait until those people are right there at the door,” I told him.
“MISTRESS, PLEASE, I beg you,” he cried. Real tears were starting to run down his cheeks. I reached around to the pocket behind his seat and found the empty wine glass I had there. Then I placed it over the head of his cock.

“Cum for me, Steven, give Mistress your cum load,” I told him. He exploded…his thick creamy jism shot out of the eye of his cock in a huge stream and began to coat and fill the wine glass…his hips bucked and his cock kept shooting his load…he came and came and I milked his cock for all it was worth…he gasped and sobbed and moaned and cried out as he came and came. I caught most of his load in the glass, it filled it about a quarter full. His cock was limp and coated in his cum, there were some cum residue on his black trousers. He was whimpering and shuddering still. I waited a while and let him gather himself a bit.

He opened his eyes and looked around. Then he looked right at me, his bottom lip trembling.

“Did you enjoy that Steven?” I asked quietly.
“Yes, Mistress, that was incredible. I can honestly say I’ve NEVER experienced anything like that,” he replied.
“Good, now one more little thing I want you to do for me, Steven,” I told him.
“Yes, Mistress, anything,” he said. I took the cum-filled wine glass and placed it to his lips.
“Taste your cum, Steven, show me what a good little cum slut you are,” I instructed him and tipped the glass up so his thick jism would flow down to his lips. The cum began to run to his lips and he refused to part them. I didn’t hesitate and slapped his cheek hard, he immediately opened his mouth and let the cum flow into his mouth.
“Good boy, that’s my good little cock slut,” I whispered as I stroked the cheek I had just slapped. When he had drank just about all that was in the glass I sat it down. I found the keys to the thumb cuffs and undid them.

“Put your nasty cock in your trousers and zip them up. Hurry up before someone sees you,” I told him. He fumbled with his trousers, his cock now very limp and retreating into itself. He zipped up and sat there waiting for my next order.

I leaned over and kissed him full on the mouth, tasting his cum on his lips.
“I’ve enjoyed myself Steven. I think we have come to a new understanding about who is the Dominant and who is the submissive, don’t you think, Steven?” I asked.
“Yes, Mistress, I am so thrilled to have met you. I beg you to forgive me for thinking that I could assume a Dominant role with you. I was a fool for thinking I could…”
“Get out of my car Steven. If you’re a good boy, maybe we’ll do this again sometime…or better yet…Maybe we’ll meet at a truck stop next time,” I told him. His eyes grew wide.
“Mistress, you wouldn’t…”
“Oh yes, Steven. I think a truck stop might just be the place we need to meet next time…lots of traffic at a truck stop, lots of burly, hairy truckers…I bet they would just love to take a turn at my pretty boy, don’t you think?” I laughed as I unlocked the car and reached across and opened his door.
“Get out, Steven. Good night,” I told him. He got out of my car and shut the door. I locked the doors and put the car in gear. He stood there watching as I pulled out of my parking place. I then pulled away from him, left him standing there with a dazed and confused look on his face, his shirt half in his trousers, half out…the front of his trousers definitely stained with cum residue…he looked a mess…I started to laugh as I pulled away and thought of all the nasty fun I would set Steven to in the future.

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