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Team Fun

I couldn't help but smile thinking of how naughty and nasty I had just been. I practically skipped the last couple of blocks home. I had one of the guys on the football team drop me off a couple of blocks from my house...I certainly didn't need either one of my parents suspecting I had been doing something so VERY nasty!!

Of course I wasn't thinking about the tell-tale signs of my escapades giving me away either. I walked around to the driveway that lead up to the back of the house...there weren't any cars in the driveway so I had beat Mommy and Daddy home. Whew, that was a relief. Mommy wouldn't pay any attention to me or what I might have been up to but Daddy was sure paying attention these days. Mommy was just busy doing her own thing these days, now that I was older and doing much more with my friends, venturing forth and exploring...Daddy was paying more and more attention to me, watching me grow into a woman before him was one of his comments.

I was relieved that no one was home yet. I unlocked the backdoor into the garage and then into the kitchen from the garage. I was bee-bopping and humming to myself as I tossed my books onto the kitchen counter. I thought I would grab a bottle of water out of the fridge before heading back to my bathroom to soak in a nice bubbly tub...wash off some of the residue of my recent escapades...I giggled to myself thinking of how VERY naughty and nasty I had just been...what did the coach call me???? Oh yes, the "Team Tease!" Why did that thrill me so????? Most of my friends would be horrified when they heard what my "new" title was...but then I was leaving them far behind with my recent discoveries of my sexuality!!!

I opened the fridge to grab a bottle of water, enjoying the cool air touching my arms...I couldn't help but reach under my little plaid skirt and touch the crotch of my thong panties...oh my, I was soaking wet down there!!! I ran my finger under the elastic touching the globs of wet goo...then bringing it up to my nose and mouth...Oh my, that pussy was just FULL of cum!!! How many loads had I had emptied into my hot, hungry pussy?????? I giggled again to myself and took a bottle of water and my back pack and headed to my bathroom. I didn't even realize my skirt was all in disaray and the grass that was still clinging to the back hem of my skirt and thigh high stockings...

I was unbuttoning my white shirt, having kicked off my high-heeled Mary Jane shoes when the door of the bathroom sprung open...there stood my Daddy!!!!

"I thought I heard you come in the door," he said as he stood there in the doorway of the bathroom looking me up and down. He came in and shut the door behind him, locking it as he turned loose of the door knob. I backed up to the bathroom counter loving the feel of the cool tile on my back.

"You look a little disheveled, Baby Girl," he commented, "What have you been up to this afternoon? You're a little later than normal getting home, aren't you?"

"I needed some help with my history research and Coach Cox said he help me this afternoon," I quickly replied.

"Really? How interesting, Sweetie. I would think that Coach Cox was busy with football practice this time of year right after school," Daddy said in a tone that gave me the impression that he wasn't really buying my story. "In fact, the bits of grass in your hair, on the back of your skirt and thigh highs are sending me a very different signal."

Oh my, was I busted? Daddy had a way of zeroing in on some of my sexual antics lately...and what was really crazy was that I was loving him noticing so much about me...noticing the sexual aspects of fact, I was really turned on thinking about what it would be like to have sex with my Daddy!!! I turned around and noticed that there were grass stains on the end of my white button up shirt, grass on my skirt...and then a few pieces of grass on my white thigh highs...

Daddy came over to me and took my face in his hands.

"I have a feeling you weren't really doing research with Coach Cox, were you Baby Girl?" he asked in a quiet, sexy tone. My pussy was beginning to pulse and I could feel my juices beginning to churn. He started playing with the next button on my shirt.

"Oh Daddy, I can't lie to you, I was doing a bit more than researching my history project with Coach Cox," I confessed. Daddy started unbuttoning the remaining buttons on my shirt and pulled it open to expose my crooked white fact, one of my nipples was poking out...I really should be more careful getting dressed after being so nasty!!!

"Tell me what you were doing Baby Girl," Daddy asked in almost a whisper. My pussy temperature shot up a notch or two...was Daddy coming on to me???? Could he smell the residue sex on me?????

"Oh Daddy, I'd rather not," I replied very quietly looking down at my feet. Daddy helped me off with my shirt and then was playing with my bra strap on my shoulder. He ran his fingers along the strap and then down to the cup of the exposed nipple. The nipple was instantly hard and erect, begging for Daddy to touch it again...he rubbed his hand back and forth across the very pert nipple...I could feel my pussy pulsing with each stroke of his finger on my nipple...the other nipple begging to be touched, almost aching...I could feel the juices pushing the sticky cum residue from my very full and puffy pussy...

"Baby Girl, Daddy wants you to tell him the truth, the whole truth about what you were doing today after school. I have a feeling you were a VERY naughty girl, weren't you?" Daddy asked again. Daddy was really turning me on...should I tell him what I had done? What would he think of his Baby Girl?

Then I noticed there was a lump in the crotch of his jeans...oh my goodness, did Daddy have a hard-on? Surely not...but then maybe he really did want me to tell him how very naughty and nasty I had been this afternoon. I was fascinated with the growing lump in his jeans. If my eyes weren't deceiving me, it was growing harder by the second. Daddys hands went behind me to the back clasp of my bra...he started fumbling with it and then I felt him undo the clasp. He paused there for the longest time. Then he lifted my bra off of me, exposing my tits, my nipples very hard and pert...

I heard a throaty moan escape my lips...oh gawd I wanted Daddy to touch my nipples, suck them, pinch them...

"Tell me Baby Girl, tell me why my Baby Girl's crotch is smelling with sex," he whispered as one hand went to my thong covered crotch and the other hand cupped my bare tit. He then placed his mouth on my tit and began to suckle it in a most amazing way...his other hand on my crotch found its way under the elastic and he began to insert his finger into the globs of cum goo oozing out of my very hot pussy...

"Daddy, I was VERY naughty today," I managed to whisper.
"Really? Tell me what you did, Sweetie," he asked pulling his mouth off of my tit for just a second.

"I went to Coach Cox's office this afternoon after school. I haven't been doing well in his class and he wanted to talk to me about what I could do to bring my grade up," I began to explain. "He asked me to lock the door to his office after I arrived. He told me I was failing and I needed to really better apply myself as well as do some extra credit work to bring my grade up to passing by the end of the semester. I asked him what I could do. I kept thinking all I wanted to do was take a look at his cock." I paused wondering what Daddy would think of my nasty thoughts...but he kept right on sucking my tit, then moved to the pussy was now dripping with excitement. I reached for his jean crotch and felt his cock so hard through the rough material. He took my hand at the wrist and pulled it away. He quickly whisked my thong panties down and off of me...his hand returning to finger fuck me...

"Daddy, please, I can't concentrate," I panted. He stopped and stood up.
"Go on, I want to know what you did," he said, putting his hands on his jeans at the waist band, then finding the button of his jeans he undid it and then unzipped the jeans. His cock covered in his underwear popped through the zipper opening. I couldn't take my eyes off of it, I wanted to see my Daddy's hard cockmeat!!!

"Coach Cox said there were several things I could do to bring my grade up if I was truly interested in a better grade for the semester. I told him of course I was, please, please tell me what I could do. He then told me to come around and sit on the edge of his desk. I did as he asked and he sat there in his chair and had me put my feet on the arms of his chair. I still had my shoes on but he said he liked that...I did as he asked. I put my feet up on the arms of his desk chair and I knew he could see my thong panties clearly from that pussy was so wet and hot, I loved it that he wanted me to sit like that for him. Then he pushed my knees apart and pulled my thong panties to the side and put his mouth on my pussy. Oh Daddy, it felt so good, his breath was so hot and then he started flicking his tongue and I felt a gush of pussy juice running out of me...he started fingering me with one of his hands and then he would flick his tongue on a spot that just drove me complet3ly crazy...I knew it was wrong but it felt so good...I couldn't help but thrust my hips up to his face...I felt so nasty sitting there on his desk like that, his face in my pussy, him licking and finger fucking my juices were just flowing all over the edge of his desk...then he stood up Daddy and unzipped himself...he had the biggest cock I have ever seen...his balls were huge and all hairy and his cock head was swelling by the second...he told me to lie back and I did as he asked and then I felt his cockhead at my pussy opening...I was so wet Daddy he didn't have any trouble sticking his cock into felt so heavenly!!!" I rattled off...I couldn't resist, I pulled Daddy's underwear down and exposed the purple head of his steel hard cock. Daddy's cock was leaking pre-cum...I couldn't resist I wiped it off with a finger and then licked it off...Daddy moaned very loud and pulled me to him, pulling up my skirt, putting his hands on my bare ass.

"Go on Sweetie, did Coach Cox fuck you? Did he fill your hot pussy full of his cumload?" Daddy asked as he took my tit back into his mouth.

"Yes, Daddy, Coach Cox slid his cock in and out of me about 4 times and he exploded into me...he came and came in a HUGE was running out of me and onto his desk...then he pulled out, his cock limp and pulled me off of his desk...he pulled me along after him, his cum running down the insides of his legs...he took me to the boys' locker room through the side entrance. The football team was in there taking showers, they were through with practice for the afternoon. The guys were all naked and the locker room was all steamy from the showers...Coach Cox pulled me over to one of the larger benches...He then undid my shirt and pulled off my skirt and thong panties...he took some towels and laid them on the bench and then told me to lay back on them...he hollered at the guys to come and see what he had for them," I was so hot and could tell Daddy was so turned on by my story, he hadn't even noticed that I had his cock out and was playing with it in my hands...I pulled his jeans and underwear down to where I could really get a hold of him better.

"Go on Baby Girl, tell Daddy what happened next," he panted holding onto my waist as I began to work his pants down...Daddy's cock was really throbbing and the head was sooo purple, much bigger than Coach Cox' cock!!!

"Coach had me lay back, I still had my thigh highs and shoes on, he told me to leave them on...then he had two guys come over and each one took one of my ankles and then the Coach had the guys line up and one by one while the two guys were holding my ankles, each guy on the football team took a turn at fucking me...load after cum load was emptied into me, Daddy...I was so turned on and hot...the Coach would shove his cock into my mouth every now and then and shoot a load of cum down my throat...then he would get down by my head and tell me what a fucking whore I was and how I was THE Football Team I was MADE to fuck...and I loved it Daddy!!" I exclaimed as I knelt down and took Daddy's cock into my mouth. He was so HUGE, I licked and sucked the head as best I could, I was starved for Daddy's cock...I could feel Daddy's balls jumping a bit and then he grabbed me by the arms and pulled me up...he then turned me around and bent me over the bathroom counter...

Daddy got up behind me and I felt his fingers searching my sticky goo filled pussy for my hot little hole...he found it and fingered me a couple of times before he placed his cock head at my pussy opening. I was so fucking hot...Daddy entered me with no problem, I was wide open from my earlier escapades...Daddy started pumping me with his cock, his balls slapping my pussy lips...I could feel Daddy's cock going deeper and deeper...

"You're the nastiest little whore and YOU'RE Daddy's NASTY LITTLE WHORE!!!" He hissed in my ear.
"Yes, Daddy, I'm YOUR nasty little whore," I told him. I loved Daddy fucking me...his other hand found my hard marble like clit...he licked his finger and began to flick my clit and I was on fire again, I was pushing back into Daddy and meeting his strokes...Daddy was stroking my clit while he fucked me...

"Daddy's going to cum Baby Girl, are you ready?" he asked not missing a stroke...
"Fuck me Daddy, FUCK ME!!!" I screamed and Daddy released his boiling load of cum...I could feel it splashing against my pussy walls and running down the insides of my thighs...then Daddy pulled out of my pussy, still shooting his cum load and shoved his cockhead into my very tight little asshole...I started cumming even harder, the pain was incredible but I could feel his cum shooting into my bowels...

"Ah Gawd Daddy, Fuck me FUCK ME FUCK ME!!!" I heard myself screaming as my Daddy loaded up my ass hole with his cum. I fell to my knees totally spent, cum running out of my asshole down my crack, down the insides of my legs...I started laughing...

"What are you laughing at my nasty little cumslut?" Daddy asked starting to chuckle himself.

"Daddy, I did the whole football team today, Coach Cox and now you Daddy!!" I laughed as I realized just how full of cum I many guys I had fucked that day!!!

"Yes, you are Daddy's Nasty Girl, Daddy's little Team Fuckbunny, aren't you?"

rm_Gentle12553 67M
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3/23/2006 5:58 pm

Imagine if Mommy came home just after they finished and she was so hot she got down on her knees and cleaned off Daddy's wet cock and then licked out the Fuckbunny's cunt.....It would be full circle

Fuckbunny could eat out mommy's cunt as Daddy fucked her.....hmmmmm

Incredible story...


into_the_swing 46M/39F

3/24/2006 12:16 pm

I kinda like the term "Fuckbunny". Very nice Miss Liza.

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