No Strings Attached...  

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7/9/2006 7:12 am

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No Strings Attached...

What does "no strings attached" mean exactly? I am having a good chuckle this morning reading various profiles, notes, invites...I would say about 99% of the profiles I've come across say the person is looking for a "no strings attached" encounter/adventure...whatever you want to call it when these two folks get together for a "no strings attached" encounter.

No strings attached to me, means that the person I've agreed to get together has no other expectations of me than the moment we are currently sharing. We have our fun, meet each other's sexual needs and go on our merry way...if we by chance are able to schedule to get together again, great, if not, no big deal.
But for the time we spend together, we have fun, sexual, adult, naked fun.

Perhaps "no strings" could mean that there is no "emotional" ties to the situation...makes sense to me...emotions can be considered somewhat binding, constrictive/ tying a rope around someone some or to someone...I do envision someone being tied up when I see no strings attached...I have to look back at their profile and see if they say they're into bondage...I enjoy a little light bondage in my sex play...don't want to misconstrue someone that doesn't want to be tied up and sexually aroused, titilated till they succomb to that wave of ecstasy...

Yes, I would like to think that a "no strings attached" statement basically says I'm looking for something on the side...much like a condiment...sprinkle a little "no strings attached" to my life and I've got a complete meal, a satisfying enhancement rather than a hinderance. But if both parties understand and know going into the "no strings attached" situation there shouldn't be any misunderstanding or problem, right?????

Wrong...there are some folks out there that get things a bit mixed other words, they try to slip some little strings in there to attach so that you're available when they want you to be available...and yes, it is the married men that expect the most accomodation...thank heavens I only have one or two married guys that just don't get understand that while we have fun together and sexual fulfillment is very gratifying...we both have very different and seperate lives...

I guess there might be some confusion as to the fact that I am NOT a live sex toy or possession...which can be confusing for some folks...when you're sexually attracted to someone and enjoy the hell out of being with them from time to time...well, I suppose some "strings" could attach but to me that totally defeats the purposes of "no strings attached."

Don't get me wrong...some of my best friends have evolved out of "no strings attached" encounters...but these are rare and far between people...they have special qualities that just come out when put in the right want to be around this person or that person because they have a special quality about them...but honestly, they have no expectations of you and you have none of them other than for them to be themselves.

Think about it when you read a profile and that person has "no strings attached" somewhere in how they describe what they're that I think about it most of those folks are marrried or attached...thus they are already in a "strings attached" relationship so all the strings are being used at that moment...thus no strings are available for someone else...

Interesting don't you think? What does "no strings attached" mean to you?

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7/9/2006 10:18 am

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7/12/2006 9:43 am

    Quoting longhairednikki:
    I do know that I am not an NSA type of girl. If all I needed was to have that sexual ache relieved, I'd take out my rabbit - hell, I wouldn't even have to shave my legs for it.
    I need an attachment [chuckle - no pun intended]. I crave that feeling of connectedness. It need not be a long-term connection, but while I am in a relationship I want attention and affection and I am more than willing to give it in return.

    interesting post
I understand the point that Nikki makes, but it comes from someone who isn't currently with someone else probably. To me, "No Strings" means I am either unavailble or unwilling to be in a committed relationship with my playmate.

That being said I am realistic enough and experienced enough to know that with sex you have some sort of emotional attachment to the other person. Very, very rarely is it "just sex".

I've had most of my "no strings" experiences start from friendships I've established with others in my same situation who share some of my same views and who I have established a connection with prior to our encounter(s). Now establishing those friendships brings a certain emotional investment - but it also helps me learn about the other person and their likes and desires to heighten our experience when we're together.

Lemme wrap it To me "No Strings" means we will not end up having a long-term committed relationship, but we are open to be "friends" for as long as we have fun sharing each other's company.

lizalickem4u 59F

7/12/2006 11:14 am

I like to think of a "no strings attached" type of "friendship" as a "fuckbuddy" friendship...friends but no serious, deeply committed relationship...yes, I like the term "fuckbuddy!!"

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