My Masturbation  

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3/22/2006 8:02 pm

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My Masturbation

I opened my drawer full of my favorite sex toys. Let’s see, which one shall I use? I decided on the little battery powered purple beaver. It fit neatly into the palm of my hand and had a speed control to allow the intensity of the movement of the little beaver’s tongue.

I decided to enjoy myself in the playroom. It is always a bit chillier in the playroom. I had a few candles scattered about the room and the massage table was placed in the middle of the room. I unfastened my red silk robe and let it fall to the floor.

I took my little bottle of lubricant and beaver toy and climbed up on the table. I was completely naked, enjoying the feeling of the cold leather of the massage table. I took the beaver toy and placed several drops of lubricant on the tongue of the little beaver and then set the bottle down next to me on the massage table. I laid back and spread my legs, closing my eyes as I began to touch my pussy lips with my fingers, feeling and touching my tiny little clit that was rapidly hardening into a little marble of excitement.

I loved the sensations that began to flow through my body, the swelling of my pussy lips, the moistness of my pleasure beginning to fill my pussy…I turned on the beaver and held it to my tiny little clit…oh the electric pulses that immediately surged through me…I arched my back and thrust my hips up as the pleasure waves began to engulf me.

I took my hand and cupped my left tit, pinching my nipple, sucking in my breath…oh gawd that felt good, I felt my tits thrusting up and I held the little beaver toy to my very wet opening…I then took my fingers and pulled back just a little to fully expose my hard, marble-like clit…the beaver’s wicked little plastic tongue fluttered over my clit causing that pulsing, electric shocks zipping throughout my body…

I loved the sensations, I was soon lost in my own lust, touching the various parts of my naked body, concentrating on the growing excitement running throughout my body…I turned up the speed on my little beaver and putting the body of the little beaver to my pussy opening and the tongue fluttering against my clit…I was getting close to my orgasm, not wanting to give in to it…but it felt so good, the warm jolts running through out my body…and then I found the exact spot with the wicked little plastic tongue…

I was right on the exact button of my pleasure…I held it there until I couldn’t stand it any longer and the waves of my orgasm flooded over me, engulfing me in spasms of pleasure over and over again…my little toy now covered in my juices. I laid there a little while basking in the flickering candle light. I opened my eyes and sat up. I smiled and got off of the massage table and went to the corner of the room where “he” was sitting.

“He” was sitting there eyes wide open, ball gag in his mouth, hands securely tied behind him in the chair, legs tied to each leg of the chair in front…his cock in a state of full erection. I held my little beaver toy covered in my pussy juices to his nose. He whimpered and squirmed, his cock bobbing, throbbing with his excitement at what he had just witnessed.

I then dipped my fingers in mycum filled pussy and undid the ball gag, sticking my fingers into his mouth. He sucked and licked my fingers clean of my juices, then I replaced the ball gag…I didn’t want to listen to him…I wanted to watch him, torture him…

I then straddled him in the chair, placing my pussy just above his bobbing, throbbing cock…I touched my pussy lips to the very tip of his cock, he moaned as he felt my heat…his hips tried to thrust up but the bonds secured him to the chair…I lowered my pussy to where just the head of his cock to the rim entered my pussy…I held it there a little while and he moaned through his ball gag, thrashing and doing his best to move, to move his cock to take push his cock further into my pussy…I then stood up and stood before him.

I took the bottle of lubricant and coated my hands and then got down on my knees in front of him and began to stroke his hard cock. I moved my hands up and down, increasing the pressure and movement up and down, up and down…then I twisted my hands in opposite directions of each other…he was moaning and groaning through his ball gag…his cock was leaking pre-cum like crazy…his cock head was swelling with each stroke of my hands.

I began to whisper to him, teasing him about having watched me pleasure myself and how I bet he wished he could get his cock in my hot, wet pussy…he was nodding his head and moaning as I continued to stroke him faster and faster…his hips were thrusting up as much as the restraints would let him…I then cupped his balls with one hand and continued stroking him with the other hand…he was soon lost in my hands, doing his best to fuck my hands as I continued to bring him closer and closer to his own orgasm…

He was so close and then I took my little beaver toy now sticky with my own pussy cum and turned it on and held it to the eye of his leaking cock meat…I turned it on full speed and clutching his balls in my other hand…he came hard, screaming as best he could through his ball gag, his hips bucking and thrusting, moving the whole chair with his orgasm…

He came in great globs of jism, shooting his cum all over himself, all over my hands, all over his legs. I milked his cock from the very base of his shaft, making sure I got ever drop of his cum from within…I milked the last drops out and onto the top of his cock, then wiped it off with my fingers.

I removed his ball gag as he sat there with his head bobbing, eyes closed…I held my fingers to his mouth and told him to lick and suck his cum off of my fingers. He did as he was told.

“Good boy, maybe next time I’ll let you cum in me.”

lifeisablast333 55M

3/22/2006 9:13 pm

hot story

rm_frediefred 65M
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3/22/2006 10:43 pm

this sounds very interesting. I would like to experience it sometime with you.

rm_JetMech19605 58M

3/23/2006 9:55 am

Hello Liza,
Wow that was such a hot story, I was hard and got even harder as i read thru it. I've seen you in the Awesome Tulsans and maybe at times i was a bit rude with some comments, but you are a lady that deserves alot of respect, with your beauty and intellect, so i'll just say that that was an awesome experience that you allowed us to read. I do so look forward to meeting you sometime in the future, even if it's just a hello and a handshake for the lady. but again great writings.

into_the_swing 46M/39F

3/23/2006 10:42 am

The sexy and wicked!! That's all I can cum up with at this time.

rm_allinfun46 60M
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3/27/2006 4:58 am

Another great story from the alway's sexy Liza. This one made my cock stand up and pay attention!

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