Lil'Bo Peep  

lizalickem4u 59F
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6/15/2006 7:17 pm

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11/30/2006 5:36 am

Lil'Bo Peep

"Leave the shoes on, Baby. Now come over here and fuck Daddy," he said as he laid in the big fluffy bed with a most incredible hard on. I put down my blow-up sheep and threw off my hat and climbed carefully onto the 5 inch spiked heels would be very tricky in bed...

I was already nice and pussy hot and Daddy was pleased with the lil'bo peep outfit we had bought earlier in the week...I already had the perfect spiked-heeled Mary Janes...I had remembered that the adult toy store had a blow-up sheep and I knew where I could find a shepherd's crook...outfit complete...

My Daddy had reserved one of the incredible rooms at our favorite local hotel...big fluffy beds, incredible restaurant downstairs...dessert always in the room...champagne all iced...

Daddy pulled the hem of my outfit up and I straddled his hard cock...ever so slowly lowering my hot, wet pussy onto his rigid shaft...He groaned and grabbed my hips pulling me all the way down onto juices ran down over his balls, I gripped him with my womanly muscles and poised myself so that my spiked-heels were in his sight as I began to work my pussy up and down his hard shaft...

Slowly, slowly, up and down...oh yes, that feels sooooo good...I ride Daddy's cock and he holds my hips in place as he fucks me back...His hand reaches to touch my naughty shoes...he likes the heels, he likes the naughty lil'bo peep outfit...

Yes, Daddy, fuck me, fuck me good...fuck your little girl...I feel Daddy's cockhead swelling inside of me, ready to explode in me...I'm close as well...I reach around and fondle his cum-filled balls...

"Here you go, Sweetie," Daddy says and he explodes in me...filling my hot pussy full of his boiling cum...I explode in my own orgasm right after I feel the first spurts of Daddy's gism...Yes, Daddy, fill me full...

And he does...I wait until Daddy's hard cock wilt's and slides out of me all covered in our juices...

"That's my girl, my lil'bo peep!!!"

rm_frediefred 65M
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6/18/2006 10:21 pm

very nice aand to the point

rm_pearlstory06 53M
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11/30/2006 5:12 am

humm,very hot story, when u had this with ur dad. I mean at what age.What is now, do u do this now as well.

lizalickem4u replies on 11/30/2006 5:38 am:
I was 46...this guy was a sugar daddy of mine...not my real dad, just role playing Sweetie, and yes, I still role play with my "daddy" even at 48.

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